all right so getting ready to play here one hour and a half will be Jenner [Applause] so just landed here today now I’m gonna meet up with my friend soggy from him the airport but the third time I come here for the second one I come to this Airport it’s pretty small but it’s alright so we got to the studio now I’m here at the EMG office I have my guitar here the amp is right there inside this box the computer with the tracks as well now we’re gonna go have lunch real quick and then we come back we’re thinking of changing the pickups of this it’s alright because this is my friend Tommy we just set up the amp and everything so you can see here it’s beautiful and I doesn’t even look like the EMG office because there’s no sign one thing but it’d be fun this is my hotel room right here it’s really cool so this is some of the stuff of the guitar I’m gonna play today the shirt you’re gonna wear today there’s my computer I’m doing some coffee here let me show you it’s a little bit messy it’s coffee machine my computer bathroom so this is the Iron Maiden shirt I’m gonna wear today this is my eat to the 7th string cuz all the songs on a new EP a 7th string and it’s a really great guitar so these are the pickups that my friend Tommy he put today it’s the 57 66 4 7 string used to have the 707 on both so this is really cool [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] moy scaleo and you’re watching EMG TV so now it’s two leveling regrets face with the bar like this is what we Scalia you are watching the MVP cool cool this is basically you and you are watching EMG TV let’s grab one in Portuguese okay we’re saying a statement uh-huh and how would that compare me cool father got ladder was this monster stood away me get they babe know your name and I always kill ya and you are watching a beauty fala Galera koe Scotty you insist on system to image it a bit more space yeah yeah and I like punching a minute with it right go ahead boggle arachova Scalia responses you know who immediately they know it then one more of those yeah just a little slow yeah cool Paula gotta go with Cal you what’s this machine the way we should have it okay so noted that’s the one yeah alright okay so I’m already at the airport and now we wrapped up videos a few few hours ago I really hope you guys liked what I showed you thanks everyone [Applause] [Music]


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