5 Dating Tips When You Are Older

Are you stepping into your 30s, but haven’t had much dating experience? Or maybe you’ve been divorced for a few years now, but you’re ready to enter the dating game again, whether you consider yourself a late bloomer or want to avoid making the same dating mistakes. Here are five dating tips when you’re older! One. Give online dating a try. People often fear meeting creeps online and while they do exist, times are changing. With the evolution of dating apps, meeting people online has become more common today. Here’s a fun fact, my boyfriend and I met on OkCupid. what matters most is using good judgment when you decide to talk to someone. Do you guys live too far away from each other? Will commuting be a problem? When the two of you meet up for the first time, make sure you agree upon seeing each other in a well-lit public area, such as a coffee shop, museum or restaurant. Avoid meeting at parks at night or at each
other’s homes. This makes the meetup safer! Two. You don’t have to date with marriage in mind. Who said your 20s was only for fun and flings? As long as you and your partner agree ahead of time that none of you want anything serious at the moment, you can date casually for as long as you like. There’s no need to settle down with someone by the time you turn 30, especially if you haven’t dated much. If you’re not sure what you want, don’t stress about it. Dating is all about trial and errors! Just make sure you make this clear with your partner and that you’re both on the same page. Three. Don’t let age gaps scare you away! Maybe you feel old because your date doesn’t know any of the bands you listen to, or you make antiquated jokes no one tells anymore, but don’t let age gap stand in your way of
finding romance. My boyfriend and I are eight years apart. Sure, he was reluctant at first to date me because he was scared that I didn’t know what I want. He was wrong, of course. As long as the two of you are of legal age, if you guys have good chemistry, age just
becomes a number. What’s more important is dating someone who is emotionally mature enough for you, and age doesn’t determine that. Experiences do. Four. Try new things! Don’t use your age as an excuse to turn down dates at the amusement park or trendy bars that make you feel old. you also don’t need to try so hard in order to stay cool. As cliché as it sounds, someone will like you for who you are. Just keep an open mind and don’t be so quick to turn down opportunities that can be fulfilling and worthwhile. Five. Remember love doesn’t have an expiration date! Thanks to social norms, we often have a pressure to get married and have kids by the time we reach a certain age. As if there’s an expiration date! But marriage doesn’t equate to love and having kids doesn’t save a broken relationship. Go at a pace you’re comfortable with and don’t let anyone make you feel small for where you are in life right now. People don’t have all the answers when they grow up. So expect to make some mistakes along the way and have fun. We wish you the best of luck on this wonderful journey of self-discovery. Are you inexperienced at dating or giving it another try? Please share your thoughts with us below. Also be sure to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips, and share this video with others! With your help we can reach more people and provide our support. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Can you please do ! What to do if your partner is the opposite from you? Or how to have a better communication with your opposite partner ? Are Opposites good ? Please do this me and my boyfriend are very different and I want to learn how to better communicate with him

  2. I don't know why I'm watching this. I'm not even 20 yet(six more months)
    And it's not like I'll ever meet anyone anyway.
    A friend did suggest online dating, but I've heard some real horror stories. So many creeps and cat-fishers. And if by a miracle I did meet someone, they'd be in a completely different state or country. So my therapist and I both pretty much agreed that because I've never had a relationship before and my emotional problems that a long distance relationship wouldn't be a good idea.

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  4. You probably want to have your kids by the time you're in your 30's and not later unless you want your kids to have Down syndrome

  5. I'm offended by being considered "older" for being in my 30s. I haven't watched the video on '10 signs you will become successful by 30', yet but I'm already offended by the title. Way to draw a line & mess with my mental health, Psych2Go.

  6. Can you guys do a video about how to deal with embarrassment in front of your crush?Would be really helpful 🙂

  7. Hello Psych2Go! I need help with something. A 9-year-old said that his mom is touching him. I know his mom. She is a teacher. This is at a school in England (special needs school). Knowing that I have autism an anxiety, and that I’ve been so stressed lately, with starting kickboxing classes, going on trips, and more. I hope you can understand. What do I do?
    I am, in fact, a 10-year-old, so I DON’T know what to do.
    (Please excuse my grammatical errors, grammar nazis here that are heartless, and for you, grammar nazis, the size of a pig’s tail represents your brain. You IQ deprived ape grapes).

  8. Personally, I find the game of dating pointless and a waste of money. I don't need to impress anyone and not many do I find impressive. I'd rather chill with someone in their candid nature

  9. Uh this is a crappy video. I'm in my 30s and I've been online for over 10 years. Dating has never turned into a relationship for me. I have more of a relationship with people I've hooked up with. .we meet up and do our thing and leave. Sometimes we meet up twice or three times and that's it

  10. Most women are the problem. They want you to do all the work and all she does is spread her legs as a lazy shamoo whale. Best advice is getting a hooker, since women like being disposable. Hump and dump all night long. Sadly the case.

  11. Can you put Spanish subtitules please?? I’m learning english but sometimes I don’t know some of the words and I would LOVE to understand your videos perfectly :))

  12. Disagree with the age Gap thing to a certain extent. For me personally I would happily date somebody 8 to 9 and maybe even 10 years older or younger than me but beyond that is going too far in my opinion. I struggle with that kind of thing, especially when I'm a woman in my late 30s who doesn't want to date a man between 20 to 25.

  13. Can you please make a video about toxic masculinity about its causes with an explanation and how it affects life and how to improve it or just “cure” it

  14. 0:18 Huh, and I thought (or rather "suspected"… without checking though) that the dating sites/apps themselves couldn't be trusted, not the ones using them. As in, Viruses, adwares, or other kind of BS when the moment I'd open one for the first time.

  15. 8 years apart. HA! That part made me laugh. WE are 18 years apart. And even though I feared he COULD bring it up, he never did…

  16. Online dating is absolutely horrendous. I think it is laughable to call somebody in his or her thirties "older." Try being over 60 and single.

    Bad advice re age gaps. Age does matter, and it matters more the older you get especially if you end up marrying the person. The younger person will be a damned caregiver long before that person's time.

  17. I'm 25 and my Boyfriend is 35. We've been happily dating for about 3 years. I asked him out. His my fifth try at dating. And I'm his first try at dating. Honestly he has been the best one I have ever dated. We live 8 hours apart and still haven't gotten to see each other in person. But yeah that's life for you there. Also yeah we plan to get married one day. We're both iffy on the idea of kids. Funds is part of the reason. But also yeah I feel if I had the house decorated the way I want too it probably scare them and they probably break something that cost a pretty penny. (Gothic with nature, art, and anime stuff.) But yeah we both tried to resist each other for about two months before deciding we really like each other and started dating. :'D Which yeah he broke my age limit on dating. Which was five years apart. But yeah we plan to live together one day. And yeah I fought to keep him. His mine. We also plan to move country one day. I'm pretty set on a certain country. But we're going to visit it one day before being full on set on going there. Which yeah I look forward to it. Along with the day we're finally together.

  18. What is it called when you simply don't care if someone is romantically interested in you? I'm turning 22 soon, have a bunch of guys running after me. But I really find the thought of romantic time disgusting and disturbing. Am I weird?

  19. 1-Give online dating a chance

    2-You don't have to date with marriage in mind.

    3-Don't allow age gaps to stand in the way. Date someone with the same emotional maturity

    4-Try new things.

    5-Love doesn't have an expiration date

    I gave an OkCupid chick a shot. We lasted nearly a year. Totally the wrong type of person for me, but still a good experience because I learned what I didn't want.

  20. Psych2Go, I have a crush on my best friend of 2 years for about 4-5 months now, and have been thinking for the longest time if I should confess to him about my feelings. I watched your love related videos and decided to be brave and confess. To my suprise, my now bf actually liked me for more than 1 year now. Not sure if he's lying, but I trust him! I love your videos and will keep cheering for you❤

  21. Tbh, I think dating when you are older is easier because adults have lower standards and connections are more meaninful.
    The only disadvantage is society expects you to be married but not everyone wants to be married and have kids.

  22. I'm 32 and haven't had so much as a first date in my life. There are a few reasons, which may be more excuses than actual reasons. I live out of town with my parents (assisting them with caring for a large number of animals), I can't drive (which might have something to do with my particular form of autism, I just can't wrap my head around using the pedals and keeping an eye on the road at the same time), and I study via distance, which all mean that I rarely meet new people. It takes me a while to realize that I find someone attractive, by which time we've usually gone our separate ways and I don't see them again. I'm also currently having issues with thinking that those I find attractive would find me attractive in return (partially because several fictional character crushes of mine recently have either ended up in or being heavily implied to be entering same-sex relationships. For the record, I have no issue with the relationships themselves, just having a harder time thinking of myself as being worthy of others) which is hampering my ability to even consider making the first move. This video is making me consider doing something. Thanks so much.

  23. I'm 8 years older than my bf…my mom thinks it's funny. He's sweet to me.. i can't control his age of course. We also live over 900 miles apart… but it's working for us. 😀

  24. Can I just say, to tip 3: If you're both adults, there's really no problem whether you have a big age gap or not. My parents are 4 years apart, my mum would have been 14 when my dad was 18, but they got together when they were both in their 20's and have been happily married for almost 27 years now. 🙂

  25. Why do you make this kind of videos? Love doesn't even exist anymore. On those apps there are nothing but creeps, gays and bastards who just want to get a damn shag. Nothing else. It doesn't matter if you're in your 20's 30's 40's… people at all ages are hypocrites, rude and fake. Love has gone from Earth so long ago.

  26. I'm 31 an have had 2 failed long term serious relationships. I had gave up on love an was just living my life. It was when i truely didnt care anymore that i found a wonderful man. Best advice i can give is get yourself to a good place be healthy as you can be both mentally and physically. Don't go out searching for the one. As dumb of a saying it is you will find someone when the time is right. Do things you enjoy an be confident an you'll attract the right type of person. I wasnt even trying i met my bf in a gaming chatroom! Not even remotely dating related just something we all shared in common. We became friends and started having regular conversations. Then he professed his feelings for me one day. I am beyond happy. I definitely can say dont be afraid to date someone older than you! This is my best relationship by far an he is a few years older than me. Age is just a number it is truely the maturity you want to be factoring. Don't give up and love yourselves first.

  27. Mm….online dating hasnt worked out for me. Did it for a year and then tried getting back Into this past month… same result.

  28. This video has really great suggestions and reasons for them, but even if the demographics are tens and early 20's telling them that 30's is old…. Or telling 30 somethings that they are old…. That's a little messed up. Try going into the dating scene after being widowed for 2 years and then being 42…. That's how this video should have been addressing. Late bloomers are different in my opinion. 😉 I was a late bloomer, married at 30.

  29. I dont think self love works. Cuase if it did i must be a very lonely person. Cuase all i want to do is pay my bills and play video games. Witch is what i do and its very lonely. I am also a workaholic so i love my job so much that i only get 1 day off a week. I would like to find a girlfriend in my feild of work but they are all 10 years younger than me and not mature enough for a serous relationship.

  30. Whats the point of self discovery if you have no one to share your discoveries with. Self love is a lie. Loving ones self is to accept you want to be alone and sad forever. Self achievements mean nothing if its only to boost yourself up and not have anyone to contribute them to.

  31. I am just 14…
    I thought the title was: Typs for when you are older, not for people about 30 XD

  32. Me and my boyfriend are 4 ages apart …..he is 15 and i am 20 but if i tell you that i was born in 1999 and he was born in 2004 than it dose not seem that bad

  33. While you shouldn't let age gaps be scary
    Don't date too young
    I was 19 and my ex is 40 ,and he used that to kinda manipulate me. Sorry but I say 9 years should be the age Gap limit

  34. I've never dated or had sex, but I have a bunch of experience. I'm 25 now & I'm learning to enjoy more myself as a whole. I'm just patient now, but I shoot my shot every once or so often.

  35. I'm a late bloomer and dating apps really helped me put myself out there. I've gone on dates with not so great people but I also met my super cute current boyfriend on okcupid. 🙂

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