45 thoughts on “30 SIMPLE DIY WAYS TO PAINT YOUR WALLS || DIY Tutorials And Repair Life Hacks”

  1. Min 1:07 como cuando estas soltera jaja min 3:37 aaaa q chevere jejej min 4:38 mm… no yo no hare eso, min

  2. Who else watches because one time a video was in your recommendation and you’ve just been watching ever since

  3. I have often wondered about textured foam paint brushes. How about after you dipped it several times in paint does the paint fill up in The Valleys that are supposed to be void of paint?

  4. At .09 does anyone know what that is to make the fake bricks? Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me. ️ ❤️

  5. Yea, you dont want 2:36 kind of walls. I have those in house and its living hel just trying to paint it. Took us a whole week just to paint the living room. We had the rest of the house to finish too

  6. Kid:why are there so many different types of walls in our house?

    Mom:because I was following a five-minute crafts video!

    Kid:you realize you only had to paint all the walls the same pattern…right?


  7. Ok I’m not being rude in any way but

    1st of all : how many walls do they have like 😯

    2nd of all : don’t you think some of these are a bit crazy like who wants there room decorated with a sock.

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