3 Core Elements Every Artist Needs for Success [Part 1]

3 Core Elements Every Artist Needs for Success [Part 1]

Welcome back ARTrepreneurs! As we are
about to get into the logistical side of building an art business, let’s take a
moment beforehand to focus in on three core elements that every artist needs to
succeed! …Stay with me… So what might those three core elements be and how can simply knowing them lead you to a clearer understanding of your business
flow if this is your first time joining me, HEY! Welcome.
I’m JetFalco and I’m in the process of developing my own business centering or
on my art so it’s become a passion of mine to share what I’m learning with
like-minded people who want to build a business around their art any kind of
art as long as you have something unique to offer the community I’m gonna do what
I can to make sure that you building your business from the ground up goes as
smoothly as possible… But before we start building upward we
got to make sure that ground is sturdy. So welcome, ARTrepreneurs! Let’s spend
some time discovering a little bit more of what it takes to find that success!
And as always, Announcer-Dude, you’re up [too fast to subtitle, basically “RESULTS MAY VARY.”] Wow, man, you are getting FAST at that! ARTrepreneurs, here’s number one!
The FIRST core element is THE DRAW It is the gift it could be the talent it is
the learning skills acquired to pull you into chasing that career this is the
spark that it all starts with and since most of us simply start with a pen and
paper or a crown and paper as kids I’ve simply titled this one the draw but that
doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s centers around art skills or literal
drawing per se but if you do think about it doesn’t just about anything start
with just a simple sketch or an outline brainstorm a list of ideas or a
blueprint or schematic most creatives today agree that when you have that
ground idea if you don’t write it down in the
first 10 minutes it’s gone especially with all the distractions we have around
today I know that when I have something like an idea that is begging me to be
made if I don’t write it down who it’s gone like a fart in the wind but anyways
let’s really consider the meaning of that word draw most people hear the word
draw and the first thing that pops up in their head is a clipart of some dude
drawn for the funny papers or illustrating a kids book but if you look
on Webster’s drawing actual illustration of the thing isn’t until the 13th
definition of the word all the drawers before that have to do with something
being attracted to something else or some object being tracted or pulled to a
person such as drawing back a bow or drawing a card for your hand or drawing
a back and drawing water is a pretty old-school term in and of itself people
you can most say take a bath or turn the water on
oh but if you say draw a water still in this day and age consider yourself the
fanciest coolest person I’ve ever met so why don’t I say the draw here it’s
really all about you and why you want to do what you do
what draws you here what is constantly pulling you to your hobby that it is
convincing you to build a business with it and why do you desire to practice and
practice so much of that skill the talent or the focus on the skill is not
even the main point of the draw here because if the draw is strong enough
within you and you’re willing and open enough to continuously practice that
skill if that draw within you is strong enough the skills will just come
naturally put enough time and effort into it and the actual skills behind the
draw will form out of themselves that classic saying is kind of still ringing
true practice makes perfect even though it’s
kind of evolved over the years I mean everyone has their own version of
the phrase maybe for you and something like practice makes kind of okay
if you keep going maybe it’ll get better or practice takes perspiration that
one’s true for pretty much everything I know for me at least it’s more like
practice develops perfection but perfection is constantly moving ahead so
you gotta have that draw to pull you in forward right Tim Marlow the director of
exhibitions add to the white cube gallery in the UK said this in an art
debate about skills in art you don’t need great skill to be an artist skill
is a component of much great art in the past but it’s not the essential
component the essential components are vision imagination intelligence bravery
originality exploration and spirit skill is simply a means to discovering
these essential components and with enough time and effort exploring those
essential components the skills will come naturally
if scale were such an essential component of all great art then all
academically trained artists would definitively great and that just isn’t
true it’s all relative and skill can be taught you can go into art school plop
down a couple thousand dollars and they will eventually teach you something that
you can use and hone in as your own skill but the essential components they
are essential tools of our human brain that we use as artists to create
something great you have to discover those and how to use those on your own
we will be going even further into what it takes for an artist to create
something great in future episodes basically the draw pushes you forward to
start creating these unique things for me it’s the desire to make something
with those skills or for those in the earlier phases of it all as starting out
it’s decide develop those skills so we all need the
draw but where do we take the draw where do we take that desire to develop to the
next level number two coming at you it’s the drive the constant commitment that
exists to push you to keep going practice does not make perfect practice
makes the desire for perfection which is a constantly moving target so where do
you find the tools necessary to move towards that target this is honestly
where I struggle the most and maybe you have that problem too you just hit that
motivational high you’re feeling energized and inspired you’re ready to
create the draw has taken you up so you’re ready to hit that next phase but
then what I mean a lot of the art world is followed by those two simple words
they have a lot of power a lot of weight unfortunately and a lot of reviews are
based on them then what well this is where the drive is most crucial you need
to constantly stay in tune to what draws you forward to keep creating but you
need to find out what drives you to follow through with the commitment to
move forward and commit to vision those goals if you’re doing commissioned work
what is the promise that you’re giving your customer every dollar bill that
passes from hand to hand is the promise I mean look here it says right here on
this fresh crisp one-dollar bill “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER,
this note is legal tender for all debts public and private but what is a DEBT?! A debt is something
Oh it’s an obligation to follow through
with what you’ve promised a debt is a promise it’s a requirement to pay
someone for something oh so then that alone should motivate you enough to find
that drive right and it should be enough to motivate someone especially someone
just starting out in the art business getting their first payment for their
first custom piece is immensely motivating it’s a very powerful
transaction and honestly it’s very nerve-racking and it feels like every
time someone pays me for art it’s like the first time and I can’t play hair
kisses but also on the other hand some of us who have been creating for years
and years that motivation can wear off so where then where now do we look for
our drive surprisingly after enough research and soul-searching just looking
back on my art career I’ve realized there are countless areas to find what
drives you there are countless things to keep us driven one huge one being
deadlines making that promise more than monetary simply giving your customer the
promise of time is more motivating than pretty much anything remember when
you’re a kid in school and you had that next do day of the next paper or project
you were working on or supposed to be working on when you were playing
PlayStation and that due date was always creeping up in the back of your head
it’s like that that feeling never goes away
it surprised kids that feeling never leaves but hey look on the bright side
that due date is now for something that you actually want to do something you
love doing pursuing your art no silly term paper on how Western Civ evolved in
the 20th century no project on what can jump higher the cat flea or the dog flea
or do woodpeckers get headaches these are all questions I have circling my
mind all day especially that western civ one. How did we get where we are?!
perfectionism is another driving tool for a lot of artists but it’s a fine
line between actually wanting to work on your creation and getting the work done
and working on it and working on it and working on it working some say is still working on it to do
this day another drive for you could be future customer artist relations one of
more personal driving factors that can actually drive you to create more art
for more people it’s that art can actually make you friends I know crazy
right I actually used to be pretty introverted around most people in most
groups but when I’m out there slinging comics and custom art I’m a completely
different man yeah actually I feel right at home and you should realize that the
artist community is not just people at a shop just one and looking to sell and
buy art it’s a lot more than that many patrons of the Arts just want to go out
there and talk customers love just going out to conventions and hanging out with
creators and just talking shop because we’re all creators at heart we love to
see all the different techniques and strategies that people are using with
their craft I have honestly spent hours upon hours just chilling with some of
the coolest creators and just random customers who want to talk shop or just
talk about their favorite characters or fanfics or fan art or just anything but
not just the friend making sight of it all it’s the fact that you can use that
to drive yourself to better results these friends that you just make will
actually constantly show up and show up and show up to support you and your work
if you drive yourself to creating fantastic final products if you build it
they will come another classic phrase that still rings
true so these are only a few things that I found are very helpful in my career
for finding that drive okay I make a youtube video this right here what you
are staring at on your screen that’s another one sometimes I like to share
what I’m creating online and a simple Instagram post is just not going to cut
it I want to see you as I’m creating my craft so I’ll make a youtube video or
I’ll stream and I’ll post it online it’s much more interactive that
way you can learn much more about your favorite creators that way it’s such a
driving force to bring us to the next level of what technology can offer us to
keep the drive strong I found myself recently creating plenty of new YouTube
videos as a driving force and using it as a as a source of motivation so here’s
where I ask you to a question of the day everyone what drives you when you’ve
taken your draw to the next level what keeps you going leave your answer down
below in the comments and I’ll respond to each and every one that I see so then
that brings us to the third core element of creating a successful art business
three out of three here we go the delivery staying true to your word and
completing exactly what you say you’re gonna complete but it doesn’t stop there
it’s also experiencing your part in building the community because
everything you deliver is just another building block of the artist community
everything you say and deliver to your customers is a part of our community so
you’re gonna build something nice for us is your building block in our nice
sturdy wall is it gonna be enough to support what you have going up so you’ve
completed your work right with it with the drive you found what drove you to
reach that final product stage then those two words kick in again what’s
next what are you gonna do and it actually strongly applies to our
previous elements we’ve just discussed the draw and the drive the delivery it’s
not a simple exchange of product from one hand to another nope it’s also
composed of how you present yourself to your customer and everyone else when
they see you deliver your piece to someone or when they see that post you
made online of that piece they’re the audience and I don’t want this to
frighten you at all but it’s the truth everything you do and say right about
now if you become an artist in an art business everything you do and say will
be seen as something like celebrity status to someone out there not saying
like you’re gonna be famous right off the bat but your words will matter and
when your art goes public you go public so how are you gonna deliver that
success is attracted to the right character when your art is delivered or
every post you make about it the words the actions even the eye contact says a
lot about the character who delivered it it says a lot about the Creator behind
the art so make this short list of questions to ask yourself how’s the
delivery does the subject matter makes sense did you complete a piece that has
a theme that aligns with your brand or even your style it’s still a good thing
to try something outside the box every once in a while and a lot of people
actually appreciate that with the creators but you got to stay true to who
you are where skillset is and where it’s heading okay
guess when people see something outside the box they’re gonna be like oh whoa
out of left field come on bring it back bring it back oh he’s he’s still going
where is he going nobody knows he’s just sure he’s having
fun with it and then you will discover that your audience has completely
changed the people of your old style who appreciated the old stuff that used to
make are not gonna be the same people that appreciate you for always being
outside the box or being weird or lighting stuff on fire on YouTube it
doesn’t matter what you do as long as you realize that you are creating a
theme you are creating a brand and it’s something that audiences like to cling
to so that’s a stupendous amount of your delivery I know when I’m drawing
something or I’m asked to draw something that’s a little bit outside my style I
remind myself that it is okay not to post we could just keep this like
under-the-table art exchange not to allude to anything
illegal or immoral here just remind yourself sometimes it’s okay not to post
everything just remind yourself of your brand remind yourself of your delivery
some other things you could ask yourself is my caption worded just right so
whoever sees this he’s the creator and then they are more enticed to wanna
click that follow button or subscribe button by the way if you haven’t
subscribed yet and you liked this video that would be much appreciated that
takes this brand and my delivery to whole new levels so you guys are the
greatest but what about hashtags did you choose the right hashtags to apply to
your style on your brand and the theme that you’re creating with your art Nike
is not going to use the same hash tags as Nickelodeon because Nickelodeon will
say like hashtag slime hash tag team choice or whatever hashtag victorious
and Nike is gonna say hashtag running hashtag motivation hashtag not slime
they’re gonna say slime but you see what I’m trying to say are your hashtags
aligned with your theme for optimal visibility or what you want to be placed
in because people are going to categorize you they’re gonna see you and
your art and be like I like this guy he does some enemy or I’ll expect more
anime parks from him in the future like subscribe follow all that because they
found your brand they found your delivery to be effective and emotional
enticing and overall just great and good fun and believe me we’ll get
much deeper into the social media side of your art business with future
episodes of our Chopra NORs we’re still kind of in the birthing
phases here of the series so baby steps right after you birth something you
gotta teach it to walk when it’s ready baby crawls we’re actually in the baby
now we’re kind of just in the feeding stages right now so hope you’re enjoying
the content so far but all in all it’s always essential for your success to
keep in mind the delivery because remember this the final movement is
often the most important movement how can you make this final movement of this
finished piece of art have the most positive effect on your career I think
about this delivery is the first impression your art will have on someone
else but it is the last impression it will have on you so how can you make
those impressions last there you have it three things total three core elements
that every artist needs to succeed the DRAW the DRIVE the DELIVERY exam okay
hold up a sec I better call it there before this video gets too long I hope
you enjoyed this general discussion and breakdown of the three core elements
that every artist can use to find success when building a business be on
the lookout for the second part of this discussion where we will actually take
those three core elements and build them out to an actionable plan we can use to
face any challenge you encounter throughout your growth as an artist if
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  1. Question(s) of the Day: What DRAWS you in to Art/Business? What is your DRIVE to keep motivated and keep going? What makes your DELIVERY unique?

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