20 Things Men Wear That DISGUST Women! (Psst….Wear #9 Anyway!)

20 Things Men Wear That DISGUST Women! (Psst….Wear #9 Anyway!)

20 Things Men Wear That Women Hate!
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So, I’m doing some research for this video, and I find a quote from actress, Lena Headey
on what she doesn’t like to see on a man, trousers that are too tight, “Nobody needs
to see a man- toe wrapped in wrinkled, sweaty fabric.”
You know what, Lena? I have to agree. Oh, and by the way, I love your work, huge Cersei
Lannister fan. In today’s video, gents, I’m listing out
over twenty items that men wear that women absolutely hate. Now, let me be clear, men
don’t need to dress for women. I’m a huge proponent that a man should dress for himself
to send the message he wants so send message he wants to send.
That being said, we share the plane with the ladies and I thought it was interesting to
hear their point of view on a number of our pieces of clothing. And, don’t forget if
you agree or disagree, let me know down in the comments.
So, first up we’ve got Sarah Ann Macklin and she says, “Leather trousers and Ugg
boots. Just say no.” Now, I don’t know where Sarah is seeing this combination, but
I have to agree this sounds horrible. And, Ugg boots, Tom Brady we’re looking at you
say no. Next up, the ladies don’t like socks and
sandals or flip flops and jeans. And, if you like them, what are you thinking? Guys, I’ve
talked about this before. Not really great combinations. Let’s avoid it.
Next up, I found a quote from actress, Eva Langoria. She said, “Never wear too much
cologne and never wear knitted sweaters. They look feminine.” Now, the cologne part I’ll
agree with; the sweaters, not so much. I think a man can pull off an Aran sweater.
It’s a knitted sweater, but I see her point. Not wearing something that looks like it was
sewn by your mom or your wife. Unless, they actually have sewn you something, then you
know bite the bullet and wear it to family events only.
Now, I saw this one pop up a few times and that is being overly accessorized. Now, there’s
nothing wrong with wearing a bracelet, wearing a watch, having fun with a ring, maybe even
a couple of rings, maybe a necklace. But, when you start wearing two necklaces,
you got five rings and you’ve got, you know, bracelets, on one hand watches, actually two
watch. You just start going crazy here, you look like you’re about to audition for the
next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Understand that that’s probably going a little bit
over board, I would skip it. Next up, we’ve got baseball caps. So, a
lot of women hate on this especially when a guy wears it backwards, wears the hat to
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Now, according to Melanie Sykes, “Jeans that fray at the bottom, they make me shudder
and not in a good way.” Guys, we’re not talking about delight here. Apparently, she
absolutely hates this, and I have to agree. If you’re not getting your jeans hemmed,
yes, you can hem your jeans. And, if they’re so long that you’re dragging them and they’re
falling apart, guys, this is not a good look. Now, I found one article in which it had women
hating on men for wearing too many patterns. And, I have to disagree I do not – I think
a man can wear as many patterns as he wants. But, the key in what they were really hating
on is you got to know how to bring it together. The picture that had posted there, the guy
didn’t even know how to match patterns. So, what are the rules on matching patterns?
Let’s make this easy. So, the first thing you want to know is don’t wear two patterns
that are too similar right next to each other. So, if you’re wearing a pinstripe jacket,
understand that you don’t want to wear a pinstripe shirt. Wear a check shirt, wear
a solid shirt, wear a shirt maybe that has a Bengal stripe which has a thicker proportioned
stripe. And then, when it comes to your accessories.
This is where you want to have a lot of color where you want to bring in your paisleys where
you want to bring in your dots where you want to bring in your small repeating patterns.
Also, let’s look at color. It’s nice whenever you’ve got a color palette basically when
you’ve got maybe a tie or a pocket square and you actually repeat that color in the
jacket in the shirt, it will bring the whole outfit together.
So, a lot of women hitting on baggy clothes and just as many hitting on clothes that are
too tight. I have to agree because it’s all about fit. I’ve talked about it, gentlemen,
fit is king. So, when you’re wearing clothing that’s way overly baggy does not make it
– it doesn’t make you look cool. [0:05:00]
What it makes you look like is you’re wearing your older brother’s clothing. It makes
you look smaller. And, when you’re wearing clothing that’s too tight not only in my
opinion is it’s uncomfortable, it just really never looks great. So, again, know the name
of your tailor, make sure your clothing fits. So, apparently the actress and author, Joan
Collins, she’s quoted as saying, “Low slung jeans do nothing for me. Showing off
your underwear is horrid.” And, I have to agree, the whole thing about, yeah, wearing
those low jeans showing your underwear, yeah, it’s just not a great look.
Now, if you’ve got a t-shirt that says, “I’m with stupid.” Or one that says,
“No one is ugly after 2:00 AM.” That may be true especially when you had a lot to drink,
but understand that the ladies they don’t like those graphic shirts. They don’t find
them as funny as well we probably do. So, I would just keep them at the back of your
closet. Next up, we’ve got wearing sunglasses indoors,
wearing sunglasses at night. Now, it seems like guys like Jack Nicholson, maybe Casey
Neistat, they can get away with it, and no one seems to be hating on them. But, for the
vast majority of us, that may be just looks douchey. I don’t know. What do you guys
think? Let me know down in the comments. I think you know they made a song about it why
can’t you wear sunglasses at night. Stained, torn, or worn out clothing. I have
to agree here. If you’ve got something that really has seen better days, probably time
to retire it to the rag pile. Now, this one cracked me up, Carla Bruni,
the former first lady of France and singer, she said, “I hate short sleeves. Short sleeves
are the devil.” And, I don’t know if I’m going to call short sleeves the devil, but
I know as a thinner guy I really like long sleeves shirts. And even when it’s hot,
I like to be able to roll them up. I think it looks great when you roll them up to about
mid area on the forearm. Again, if you’ve got the arms and you can
pull it off, I think Carla Bruni you’re going to prove her wrong. But, for those of
us that are thinner those of us maybe that are a little bit larger, it actually looks
better I think just to roll up the sleeves or to wear a long sleeve shirt.
The artist, Tracey Emin, she said, “High-waisted red trousers.” If you own a pair of high-waisted
red trousers, please, go get help. Now, these two items pop up quite a bit and
they got a lot of hate, running shoes and hiking boots when worn as everyday wear items.
So, I get it if you’re going to go hiking, you’re going to go running, wear them. They’re
appropriate then. But, if you’re not, why not upgrade your
style. This is one of the easiest ways, instead of wearing running shoes, get some great-looking
casual sneakers. Instead of wearing those hiking boots all over the place, get yourself
some really nice suede boots that have style. You wear something like this, you’re going
to get compliments, you’re going to stand out from the pack.
Dress shoes with white socks, I agree with this. Who is even doing this? This is a no-brainer.
If I see you do this, I’m going to smack you.
Deep V-necks, and I have to agree with this one. If you’re wearing a t-shirt and I’m
wondering if I’m going to be able to see your navel, you’ve got man cleavage all
over the place, it’s probably too deep. Understand the ladies do not like this. But,
they even talk about how some guys, you know, they wear their shirts, unbuttoned down all
the way. It’s not a great look, guys. And, let’s not forget the Crocs. Apparently,
ladies hate them. Me, well, find out what I think about Crocs right here because I own
a pair of Crocs, Green Bay Packer Crocs. And, I explained why I own this amongst some other
very hideous items that are in my wardrobe. I explained it in this video right here, guys.
Go check it out. I will link to it down in the description.
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100 thoughts on “20 Things Men Wear That DISGUST Women! (Psst….Wear #9 Anyway!)”

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    https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/clothes-men-wear-women-hate/ – Click here to read the article Don’t Wear This: Clothes Women HATE On Men

    🤔 What clothing fails are you guilty of? Let me know in the comments…

  2. Suit Selling Angie thoughts:
    –Anything skinny (jeans or suit) looks feminine and soyboyish. Don't.
    —Keep accessories to a minimum. A nice adult watch and a wedding ring (if married). No string, copper bracelets, leather bands, earrings.
    Understated elegance trumps bling.
    I've served thousands of customers, and those men that stood out wore classically coordinated clothes.
    Great video Antonio

  3. I'm starting to like this channel more and more. I'll admit that the while reason for subscribing was that I really hated the first videos I saw. However, the last few, like this one, were actually very educational and entertaining.

  4. I would like to comment about the sunglass point.
    I agreed with it. However, during my collage years, I wear sunglasses in a wild party. But that was a different story. We were so young.

    And I hate if somebody wear sunglasses during a conversation. That is so rude, in my opinion.

    Regards from Hungary

  5. My biggest take away : “ Men don't need to dress for women. A man should dress for HIMSELF ; to send the message that he wants to send! " Can't get better than that, Antonio! 😉

  6. With the rude graphic tees, I am being reminded of a man I saw wearing wearing a t shirt saying "Don't ask me for shit." I felt tempted to ask him why people regularly ask him for fecal matter.

  7. Accessories are meant to be practical.thus, wearing shades indoor and at night are not appropriate.by the way,you are killing in brown and blue

  8. I think the leather trousers and Ugg Boots are two separate suggestions. She gave us two tips. I don't think she meant " together at the same time" although, when I visit the U.S. I've seen some crazy things!

  9. I agree on the low slung jeans showing your underwear. How in the world does anyone even think that looks good? I've never worn jeans like that or liked seeing anytime else in jeans like that

  10. I agree with most of it, I work out regular and I used to wear deep v- neck at clubs and honestly, women were all over me, obviously I never worn it on other occasions. So if you have a good upper body try it at clubs,

  11. “Sunglasses 🕶 Indoors or at Night” are my #1 pet-peeve! 👎😎👎…. & I’m a guy!!🤣 I’m like wtf! Whenever I see this, I make it a point to when talking to the dude or even in passing… I’ll say ”Sure is bright ☀️ in here!” 😂🤣😂
    P.S. I have to respectfully disagree with:
    – “Baseball Caps” 🧢
    – “Short Sleeves” 👕

  12. Cotton cable knit sweaters, shorts…live in these in the winter…Texas winter that is. And leave my dang crocs alone!

  13. You look like a bad pleather wearing cop from a 1970s TV show (think: Starsky and Hutch). A royal blue button down does not go with that baseball mitt brown jacket. Step up your own game before you lecture guys how to dress.

  14. Hiking boots/shoes are for hiking or other outdoor pursuits, unless you are doing one of those or for a job or volunteering don't be wearing them.

  15. Great blog as always. Gotta agree with socks+sandals +flip flops… Not so sexy!!! Same with crocks really never found it sexier out of your home. But baseball cap, it's a man thing so hard to quit that one, like an accessory outfit you can't go without unless for official dress code situations

  16. On Friday I went to a concert and the lights were a bit bright so I kept my sunglasses on and I still think girls were checking me out

  17. I'm sorry Mrs Bruni, but I much prefer wearing short sleeved t-shirts over long sleeve. I have large biceps and I am more comfortable with these. I especially hate t-shirts that go down to the elbow. Those tshirts are for old men or guys with small muscles.

  18. Sunglasses indoors are** a lack of respect to any person you need to talk to,
    bcs they cannot read your eyes/temperament/motives/emotions but you can
    still read theirs.

    **unless you are in transit, or just got indoors and haven't had a a few seconds/a minute to take your stupid glasses off.

  19. – i think knitted sweaters are perfectly fine, i love them.
    – too many patterns might spoil an outfit. i'd say 2 is fine. 3 may or may not work, depending on the wearer's knowledge and how he puts them together
    – wearing sunglasses indoors and at night is a super clown move. idc who the person is. just take them off. only exception would be if we are indoors but near a window and there is significant light coming in, i.e. in a train or in a cafe, right by the glass wall/window, then it's fine to leave them on. otherwise, please get rid of them. you can put on colourless lenses instead!
    – lastly, i think crocs are a better choice than slippers. why? at least they keep our toes hidden. but ofc, they should only be worn to do very specific things only like gardening, pool, beach.

  20. I’m a women watching just to see if I agree with this 😆 and surprisingly I do. Maybe there are two or three I don’t agree with, but in general yeah. And mostly I didn’t realize it until it was pointed out.

  21. I agree with most of the stuff he says.. but I have to hard disagree with the hat.. and 9/10 girls I've asked about disagree as well.. most girls that I actually asked loved guys with side hats and backwards hat.. but I think its definitely a generation thing..

  22. Graphic t-shirts are fine in a highly casual setting if they aren't crass. Ex: quick daytime grocery store trip in your crisp jeans and Firefly quote Tee good. Wearing Tyler Dryden's porn shirt from Fight Club not so much!

  23. "I usualy ask women around me, what to wear, because they are better then men and we should always listen to women." Soy Boys motto

  24. I still have a co-worker that wear sunglasses at night. And when I see him at our Christmas parties, I cringe.

    Great guy but horrible look.

  25. Crocs are universally popluar in my country. Its a trend and everyone has them. I just wear mine in my yard and around my community. I still think nobody should wear those on outings and at school.

  26. Isn’t Tony Madsen-Sylvester pioneering white socks currently? Also they used to be big in subculture circles… who know might be coming back🤷🏼‍♂️

  27. A lot depends on context. If wear my Smell the Magic (L7), Hungry for Stink(L7) or any shirt from The Cramps at a show most women in that scene are cool with that.

  28. everyone has some idea so whats the matter what some actress thinks ?
    i dated one time an actress and shes taste was completely different of what you just say .

  29. Bull crap about the baseball hats. A lot of guys like to wear the hats to support their teams, to protect against the sun, to go out with being easily noticed, to protect your face against light rain without carrying an umbrella. There are a bunch of good reasons why a guy SHOULD wear a hat. Plus a lot of guys look good in hats. I think you only said that so you can have your sponsor because you are wrong about baseball hats.

  30. I wear 5 rings aside of my wedding ring, 2 for the order of the Skull ( a knights order for protecting your family),a knights band ( representing Knighthood) a silver lion head ring, (representing the Royal family of Scotland , my ancestors), and one ruby ring ( representing my ancestorial cousins, the Clan Mcdonalds, cousins to the Royal Stewart's ).For me to wear a ring, IT MUST HAVE A MEANING, Same with necklaces! 💀

  31. Wearing frayed jeans and too close pinstripes should only be done if you want to embarrass your daughter at college. 😋😋😋😋😋😋
    POLICE LIKE LOW HANGING JEANS…. thiefs can't run away as quickly. 😀😀😀
    SUNGLASSES…Let them wear them, so they run into things, that will look really good 😋 😋😋 V -NECKS…
    The only ones that wear v- necks should be people that study Kung Fu! Other wise let the dog bury them in the backyard 😀! ( I HATE THE COMMERICAL THAT SHOWS A GUY WEARING A V- NECK ON A FIRST DATE). CROCS…I wore a pair of camo crocs that didn't fit my wife. I just got out of the hospital and could barely walk and tie my shoes, I now have a $ 50 pair of Nikes. The crocs should be buryed in the backyard with the v- necks!
    HIKING BOOTS… I have a pair to wear in the winter so I don't fall on the ice and snow. Also I have worn hiking boots for years on end. I worked lumber yards and it was just natural, I even wore them when I taught Kung Fu classes.
    ( Which frightened my students when I went to throw a kick at them and then stopping an inch from them 😀.

  32. Most guys only own 2-4 pairs of shoes and they get whatever is most functional. These days guys usually have flip flops and sneakers both as casual choices. Then they have some kind of work boots or hiking boots for doing work and a pair of dress shoes or cowboy boots for dressing up (depending on how you dress up).

  33. Some of these are stupid. High waisted red pants? Short sleeves? Really? Also if a man has a nice ass women are totally into tight jeans …

  34. I already had skin cancer cut off. I wear a hat outside, comes off inside. I didn't hear anything about being bald on top and sporting a pony tail.

  35. Crocs and Uggs – no, never. Explain away all you want. Neither looks good on either sex. Seeing them on women makes me want to puke. Flip flops – bad idea. My wife tore her ACL when her wet foot slipped out of them. $10,000 later I still have a bad attitude about them. and they sound stupid flopping around. Besides, guys, no one wants to see your nasty feet.

  36. No offense to the guys who like wearing socks and sandals together but it really looks awful and it makes you look cheap.

  37. I’m generally in line with Real Men Real Style. I believe men should 1) dress for themselves, 2) dress to your body type, and 3) wear what you are confident in.

  38. I agree with most, but knitted sweaters? I have few and almost every time i wear them i get compliments from ladies.

  39. 95% of men will agree about what looks good and what doesn't look good on a woman.
    Women are FAR different though and just because one woman says something, does not mean that most women would agree with her. For example, some women will say that body hair on a man is absolutely disgusting and that men should wax all the hair off their bodies. Then there will some women who will say that body hair on a man is sexy and that men who wax are either creepy or vain.

    Obviously no one should be wearing a mustard stained shirt, but men should just wear what they feel comfortable wearing and not go out of their way trying to be someone they are not.

  40. Gentlemen it's time to throw away those rent jeans, that sweat stained t-shirt, that Christmas necktie that you never wear

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