18 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

Oh Barbie you're falling apart a little magic and the doll will be good as new for the first craft take some perler beads put a drop of hot glue on a flat surface put a bead on it wait until the glue layer dries now take a q-tip cut a piece of a straw cut off several bristles from a paintbrush insert them into the straw like this next dip the brush and bright paint and place it in the bead jar look now your doll has nail polish try it it paints her nails perfectly what color do you prefer for the next idea you need a plastic pipette and a toothpick cut off the thin edge of the pipette and now cut off the narrow part like this string it on the toothpick seal the other part with hot glue to make a bottom fill it with paint close the gap every girl should have lip gloss and barbie is no exception well does the color look good on me your lips are perfection and now take a plastic pipette again and foundation cut off the central part from the pipette seal the wide part with a hair straightener fill the tube with foundation draw a logo close the tube with a cap so now Barbie's makeup bag has one more product in it take a small sponge and test it wow it's so smooth the perfect tone do you have some random nuts-and-bolts lying around here's what you can use them for squeeze out several multicolored drops of paint on the palette repaint the nuts when the paint is dry take some light clay put a small piece of it inside the nut and put miniature artificial flowers in it done make a couple of these pots and your mood will improve instantly for this idea take a fork and twine weave the twine around the tines tightly next take a needle and sew the thread along one edge remove the coil from the fork cut the unsewn edge with scissors attach a wooden skewer to the piece place it in the middle like this Barbie's room gets dirty so fast however this new broom cleans it with no issues dust watch out and now take a few round candles remove the candles from the metal stands put a circle of foam paper inside a stand paint it your favorite color do the same with a couple of other candle stands now take wooden sticks and glue the candle sticks like this at the same distance from each other take the second stick and glue it on the other side glue a couple of shorter sticks at the bottom at an angle like this the result is a stylish shell put it in Barbies room fill the shelves with decorations how did Barbie you live without this shelf next you need a wide marker or actually just the cap cut out to oval parts from foam paper glue them to the cap like this draw buttons and markings with a permanent marker print a mini picture of a pack of coffee pour a few coffee beans inside open the lid of the coffee machine who are the coffee click on a couple of buttons hmmm what an excellent smell sure you can imagine your life without coffee but why would you want to for this idea take a piece of cardboard and several wooden sticks cut out a piece like this from the cardboard hot glue the sticks to it glue them from both sides so that they intersect in pairs like this glue another short stick to the intersection the result is a small but very useful ironing board cover it with a piece of fabric and now take a flat wooden stick some light clay and a pen cap cut out a drop from the stick fasten a layer clay on top remove the clip from the cap and attach it instead of a handle to the clay like this decorate it what a small iron barbie seems pleased with her new purchase do you like ironing for this craft take a round candle get the wax out of it cut the stand from the side and cut off a piece next take a sponge put the plate on it and use an awl to make holes over the whole surface now take a wire cut a couple of pieces from it and make them look like this secure the ring in the center of the iron part and attach the square instead of a stand at the bottom now barbie has a greater two so she can cook a lot of new dishes for the next idea you will need a bottle from liquid soap with a dispenser cut the tip of the dispenser with a box cutter take a half of a plastic ball attach the dispenser with hot glue next take a flashlight glue it to the half sphere with a dispenser like this now take a piece of foam paper and cut a circle out of it blue foam paper to the flashlight instead of a stand the result is a modern sink with a glass bowl and lights install it barbie takes care of her hygiene did you remember to wash your hands when you came in next take a bar of soap cut off the edge from it clean it to get a mini soap bar now take some light clay and make a soap dish from it decorate it with rhinestones when the soap dish hardens put the soap inside cleanliness is a guarantee of health soap is a guarantee of soft hands did your scissors break no worries remove the Rings from them put the Rings on wooden sticks take a fishing line and glue and make a grid on the ring do the same with the second ring your new sports equipment is ready take a ball and go on the court who will keep Barbie company and now take some beats and a toothpick string a bead on the toothpick cut off the excess now take red nail polish and color the bead next take a piece of plastic wrap and wrap the bead with it and tie the package with a ribbon at the base of the toothpick a delicious and healthy dessert is ready would you like a caramel apple help yourself I really want some cookies right now why don't the manufacturers consider Barbie let's make it even take out a big pack of cookies cut a plastic rectangle out of the liner next take a piece of thick purple paper draw over it like this cut it following the outline assemble it make a box with a lid put the plastic liner on the bottom stick the label on the lid break the cookies into small pieces and put them in the box that's better barbie doesn't like to eat too much sugar but she can eat a piece of a cookie sometimes for this light pack take a straw and some cotton coat the end of the straw with glue and twist the cotton wool on it now take a brush and make several multicolored brushstrokes on the cotton wool fasten ears and a horn made out of sparkly foam paper on top draw eyes cotton candy in the form of a unicorn is this cuteness even legal would you like to try this beautiful desert for the next idea take some glue and twine glue the twine in a spiral at each turn add a little glue so it holds better secure the end Louisville made in a similar way to the edges make another round wall and glue it attach a long handle decorate with beads and pom-poms fasten some charms Barbies new bag is ready a woven purse perfect for any fashionista and now take multicolored candles straws and cupcake molds place crushed candies in the molds cut the straws into pieces melt some wax in a separate dish and put the straws in it put a wick in each and pour the melted wax when the wax hardens cut the straws off with a box cutter and get miniature candles a romantic candlelit dinner is every girl's dream and Barbie is no exception the couple will never forget this evening for this idea take a cord cut the twisted part and the plug glue the plug perpendicular to the wire like this paint the tip with nail polish glue the mount instead of a plug to the backside done this picture has been waiting to be hung on the wall for several weeks now at last its time has come because now we have a drill did you like our new ideas for Barbie let us know in the comments which one was the most interesting subscribe to our channel give this video a like click on the Bell and share this video with your friends

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  1. U never accept my request im asking for monthes to make zombie apocalyse part 3 but u not listening. If ur next video is not zombie apacolyse then ill unsubscribe

  2. Hey 👋🏽 beautiful person scrolling through the comments ❤️ hope your having a wonderful day from a small youtuber 🤧☺️

  3. Video: grab some nuts
    Me: grabs some cashews out of the cupboard
    Me: yup, these look just like those nuts in the video

  4. Can you make more Barbie videos about crafts and making nail polish making book nail files making handbags making real nails making fake mouse making doll lashes making blush making headbands making clothes making care Sprague making real babies making can have sex with her making ten roses making 10 teachers making American doll stuff can you even make Ken love Barbie just the way she is can you also make a new channel and my name is Jashten and make Barbie stuff make 200 Barbie stuff

  5. Troom Troom, you come up with some really clever hacks for Barbies. Little girls are so lucky to have a channel like yours. My favorite was the drill. Now that's clever. And Narrator Girl made me laugh when she said (4:00) "Sure, you could imagine your life without coffee. But why would you want to?" Partly, it's just how she said it, but also cuz it's funny to me there are people who love coffee so much they might think that way. I have never drunk coffee in my life. Chocolate is my coffee.

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