14 Action Movie Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

14 action movie skills that could save
your life a pulse-pounding soundtrack muffled
behind the roar of explosions a hero that can leap buildings and shoot
massive firearms throw safety out the window this is an action movie baby boy
these movies sure are a lot of fun but are there any new skills tricks or
survival tips we can take from action movies do action movies have anything we
could apply in real life how about we look at them in these action movie
skills that might help you out one day but first smash that subscribe button
and explode that notification bell believe it buddy
your besty has always got your back number one hiding money while it might
not be for your personal safety this is one of those tricks and one of the best
skills you can use to hide some extra cash especially if this extra cash was
received through unsavory methods if you ever have documents or money that need
to be safe action movies teach us that under the floor is the best place to put
it if you have a safe it can be cracked the bank asks too many questions but the
floor if is pretty safe no one would suspect it and no one has the kind of
time to go digging number two escaping zip ties this is probably one of the
best skills you need if you’re going to a foreign country if you’re trying to
keep people from using their hands zip ties are the new handcuffs police
officers have even made the transition to them apparently they are impossible
to get out of the impossible is always possible
if you can lift your hands over your head and pull them down fast and spread
your arms it’ll cause a lot of pain but if you’re strong enough you’ll be
released out of certain action-movie skills that could help you this one’s
probably the most common this is one of those sneaky tricks that could get you
out of a sticky situation number three escape handcuffs with a
match like zip ties in order to escape a situation where you’re handcuffed you’ll
have to do it yourself stuck in a pair of handcuffs no problem all you need is
a match if you’re in a situation where you might end up in cuffs make sure you
have a match simply flatten it with your teeth then stick it in the hole you see
below and you’re free once again this trick will help you survive in times of
desperate need number four creating a door monitor this is one of those new
skills that you’ll need to catch people who are snooping around no lock in your
room or do you have a lock and you’re just afraid of it getting picked you’ll
need to create a door monitor it’s simple just get a piece of tape and some
string tape the string above the door so it’s dangling on the door when someone
enters and then closes the door the string will get stuck between the door
number five sending a secret message why trust others to keep your message secret
when you can just do it yourself if there’s a message you need to get out
but can’t let anyone see follow this new skill to stay incognito you’ll need a
blank piece of paper a black marker and a white crayon the person that is meant
to read it will simply color it with the marker and presto your message is
revealed number six creating waterproof matches
not just applicable to action movies this is one of the best skills to
survive in real life there’s nothing worse than going on a hike and freezing
your behind off if it’s raining matches won’t work unless they’re waterproof all
you need to do is take the matches and paint the tip with nail polish nail
polish just not wash off with water so the rain stands no chance as far as
certain action movie tricks that could help you this is the most realistic number seven coded message now that you
know how to make a secret message how about a coded message start by writing
the letters A to M on a piece of paper below that write the letters in to Z all
you do is change the letter you’re using to the opposite on the second line a
coded message could be one of the survival tips imperative to escape one
day number eight driving anything just like an action hero one of the best of
these new skills you can learn is the ability to drive anything the people at
complex are certain that when you need to survive or escape any situation you
should be able to use any means necessary for your safety you should be
able to drive not just a manual or automatic car but a boat a plane and
everything in between not just in video games either in real
life too number nine throwing a punch in real
life you won’t have to throw a punch often hopefully this is one of those new
skills you’ll only use in order to survive escape or preserve your safety
the experts down at expert boxing describe throwing a perfect punch in
four easy steps plant your feet rotate your feet extend and swing your
elbow then make sure to exhale and squeeze your fist hopefully whatever or
whoever is threatening your safety won’t be there much longer number 10
knife-throwing who knows when you’ll be facing down a bad guy with nothing but a
knife standing in the way of your ability survive Instructables teaches us
that throwing a knife can be fairly simple just plant your feet away from
the target place the blade in your hand and handle to the sky then flick the
knife at the target with moderate force practice in a back yard on a tree you
never know when you’ll need it to preserve your safety number 11 hunting
while it may not seem like one of the best skills you could learn from an
action movie it’s one of those survival tips that comes in handy in most
situations finding and hunting food is so applicable in real life that it would
be dumb not to include it on our list the survival gurus at the city Edition
tell us that cooking outside of the kitchen can be easy if you’re savvy go
for slow moving animals like frogs and snakes if you’re an amateur and game
animals like rabbits or beavers if you’re a master woodsman if all else
fails they say bugs are a great source of protein
number twelve parkour this is one of the best skills you’ll need to escape an
unsavory place using the city to zip around is about as action-packed as
action movies come the muscle freaks that run nerd Fitness say that parkour
can be done by anyone even if you’re not an in action movie start with jumps they
say then progress to some more complicated stuff in no time you’ll be a
street ninja who’s able to escape any sort of sticky situation number thirteen
knowing different languages this is one of the new skills that isn’t just good
for survival but great in real life too you can use different apps to learn a
new language but the language experts at flew in to state that the best way to
learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it watch movies in that
language read books you’ve already read and understand hang around people that
are fluent one day you may find yourself trying to escape a foreign country and
that new language might really come in handy number 14 shooting guns say what you
will about guns the fact of the matter is if you ever need to survive it’s best
to know how to do it Art of Manliness teaches us a thing or two about gun
safety firstly you have to treat every firearm as if it were loaded don’t be
pointing it at anything unless you intend to shoot it an important aspect
of shooting a firearm is the old adage squeeze don’t pull apply constant
pressure to the trigger until the firearm goes off
and make sure not to anticipate the shot you might just startle yourself who
would have thought certain action movies could help you as you can see you don’t
necessarily need to be in an action scene to put them to use but I do not
recommend you go looking for trouble so you can try some of these do you have
any action movie skills you’d want to share let us know in the comments what
people can do to become a certified action hero enjoyed this video hit the
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