13 Awesome Hot Glue Life Hacks And Crafts

13 Awesome Hot Glue Life Hacks And Crafts

load up your hot glue gun and charge your batteries with fun and positive energy unicorns for jewelry a winged heart pendant and a cute pearl mirror you will find all this and much more in our collection of life hacks using hot glue you'll need a chicken-egg as a base for the first light pack smear it all over with thick lotion apply hot glue onto the shell make short jerky movements to imitate the texture of small feathers it ends up looking like this draw chicken feet using hot glue connect the pieces paint the plumage white with a foam brush cover the legs with yellow paint it turned out to be a fun stand for boiled eggs Bon Appetit for this useful life hack you will need an old toothpaste tube fill the cap with glue make a large block of hot glue on a sheet of parchment paper place the tube on the blot create the illusion that the glue is pouring directly from the tube and squeeze another puddle of hot glue on top use nail polish as a decoration paint the hot glue in bright colors the result is a true art object in a postmodern style but you can use it as a doorstop insert a part of the tube under the door the rainbow door stopper is very colourful and aces all its functions for the next idea you need a picture of a unicorn and a piece of cardboard cut out the image trace the unicorn on the cardboard cut it out make a voluminous mane cut out a little cloud cover the unicorn with white wash decorate the main with purple pink stains make the cloud white apply hot glue along the outlines of the figures glue the mane fasten the unicorn to the cloud the result is a funny stand in the form of a unicorn and you can use it to store jewelry beautiful and very comfortable for this life hack you will need a glass vase a hot glue gun and a sheet of parchment paper put a black glue stick into the hot glue gun and draw a spiral on the paper fill the spiral with transparent hot glue coat a glass with some hand cream cover the bottom with black hot glue and create drips on the walls squeeze out a couple of blue drops on a spiral attach the black piece it turned out as a comfortable stand for spoons quick and easy draw a circle on a sheet of baking paper using hot glue fill the center with hot glue cover the sheet with round and oval drops of different sizes add a large drop of black glue to each figure cover with red nail polish after the polish dries draw a picture using a black permanent marker this is how a drop of hot glue creates a funny ladybug these cute spotted bugs will decorate a flower composition and make it brighter for the next idea you need a piece of tape shiny foam rubber sheet a mirror and throw beads cut an oboe in the form of a mirror leaving out about a centimeter on the edge secure the mirror onto the foam rubber sheet using double-sided tape fasten beads around the mirror with the help of hot glue everything looks nice in a shiny pink mirror just look at the pearls glittering very beautiful make a large drop of hot glue on a sheet of baking paper stretch the glue with a knife you need several pieces like that fold the petals into a roll attach the edges with more hot glue spinning the petals in a circle glue the Rose together cover the flower with red nail polish carefully paint over the petals and world fasten the rose on a black satin ribbon a choker with a scarlet rose is ready it looks spectacular and incredibly stylish and now draw cherries with leaves on a piece of baking paper grease the paper trace the drawing with hot glue for red sparkles on the cherries and green sparkles on the leaves and twigs brush off the extra particles of glitter hot glue everything together now you need a pin from a badge apply hot glue to the pins attach it to the back of the cherry the result is a beautiful cherry brooch these glittering berries will add a festive touch to your blouse and make your outfit brilliant for the next idea you need a silicone ice mold glue sticks and glitter cut the sticks into pieces place the pieces in a shape of a heart arrange the pieces vertically pour a lot of glitter on top microwave for 3 minutes draw wings on the heart paint them white paint over the edges with red paint pass a chain through the holes you've got a beautiful pendant with sparkles this winged tart is reserved for real romantics for this lifehack you need a hot glue gun and a piece of baking paper squeeze out some glue drops onto the paper fill the empty spaces with glue fasten a metal earring fixture you get original cloudy earrings now you need white and red paint paint the upper half white with a foam brush cover the lower part with red paint cover it all with transparent nail polish and sprinkle with a red glitter unusual hot glue earrings will make you look brighter draw a snail on a sheet of paper with hot glue a little body and a spiral shaped shell glue the pieces together draw small horns fasten them to the head make a cut on the edge of the body paint the snail blue draw a spiral on the shell with a black marker set the snail on the edge of a cup and give it a tea bag it turned out to be a funny and very convenient holder and now we will share a super life hack for drawing draw circles on a sheet of baking paper using a hot glue gun make many circles of different diameters and connect them together decorate the biggest one with a blue mesh place the stencil on a sheet of paper use a sponge to apply paint with jerky movements go from a turquoise color to a delicate shade of light green remove the stencil you get a bright beautiful pattern do the same on the other side shape color transitions between the patterns place the picture in a frame insert the back of the frame secure it with clamps this neon abstract picture will be a bright accent for your interior the drawing is very unusual for the next light pack you will need a wooden photo frame and a piece of a foam rubber sheet cut the sheet to the size of the frame use hot glue to cover the frame with the foam rubber sheet now you need a piece of scrap paper with strawberries and a photograph insert them in the frame microwave them for five minutes color the resulting figures with nail polish decorate the frame with them gluon beads a beautiful frame for your best photos did you like our hot glue gun light packs what idea surprised you the most let us know in the comments and don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel and click on the belt so you won't miss any new video light pack

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