10 Life Changing Books Every Man Must Read

10 Life Changing Books Every Man Must Read

10 Books That Changed My Life
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So, I’m going to start this list off with a book that I’m betting none of you have read.
It’s called Beyond Winning: The Timeless Wisdom of Great Philosopher Coaches.
So, if you look at the details in this book online, you’ll see it was published in 1991,
has four reviews with an average ranking of 3.8. That translates into this book is not
flying off the shelves. Probably very few people have ever read it.
So, why is this book then on my list? Because it was the right book, the right message,
at the right time. The point I want to make here is the book doesn’t have to be a highly
ranked bestseller to actually be a book that can open your mind and transform your life.
In today’s video, gents, I’m sharing with you ten books that have transformed my life
in the last ten years. Starting things off, we’ve got Clayton M.
Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life. As a father, as a husband, as a business owner,
as a guy that wants to enjoy his life and still reflect on it, this book just spoke
to me. I don’t know Christensen’s full background, but I do know that he wrote in a way that
I just really connected with simply why are we doing all this and what’s the goal, what’s
the purpose, what’s the bigger meaning behind actually doing everything.
As I’m going through this book, it’s just it really felt like he wasn’t trying to preach
to me. He’s a deeply religious man, but he talked about why are we doing what we’re doing.
And, guys, this is so key. So many people go through life and they climb that wall and
they realize I’m on the wrong wall. How many of you guys have had that happen
to you? You reach that goal you spent years working on it and you realize you didn’t really
want it. It was somebody else’s dream. You were doing what society told you to do. And,
I absolutely love how he breaks it out and he helps you hold true to what you’re about.
I highly recommend this book. Again, guys, go check it out. Clayton M. Christensen’s
How Will You Measure Your Life. And, by the way, gents, all the books I’ll
be talking about in today’s video, I’m linking to down in the description. You can find them
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two audible originals for free, go to Audible.com/RMRS or text RMRS to 500-500. Again, that’s Audible.com/RMRS
or text RMRS to 500-500. Next up, I’ve got a Stephen King book. Yes,
a Stephen King book, not one of his horror books though. I have actually never read those.
What I have read though is On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. And I absolutely love this book.
So, a lot of people ask, “Antonio, how do you create so much content? I mean you’ve
written like over a thousand articles, you’ve made over a thousand videos. You’ve got all
this content out there, how are you so prolific with all this stuff?”
And, I really it comes back to this book I read by Stephen King and he talked about you
sit down and you do the work. And he talked about every single day, he would sit there
and he would have no view. He would sit at this desk and he would have to write so many
pages. And he would sit there until he did it.
You know it sounds very simple, but so many people don’t put in the work. And to see a
guy that’s able to put out a book sometimes twice a year, these huge volumes these great
books which you know [in trance?] millions of people. That had really inspired me. You
know what? I can do that. I can sit down and I can put in the work. Definitely highly recommend
it. Go check it out. Next up, we’ve got The Power of Moments, why
certain experiences have extraordinary impact by Chip and Dan Heath. I absolutely love this
book because it talks about have you ever thought about why there are certain things
in your life you remember, the vast majority of life you do not? What you have for breakfast
four weeks ago? Of course, you don’t know, no one remembers breakfast. But, what we do
remember those big events in our life. And what was so cool about this book is they
talked about how you can actually choose to create those moments with your family, with
your loved ones, with even people at work. So, if you want to turn your company around,
you want to have extraordinary impactful moments. They actually talk about how to do this with
people. So, if you want to get rid of you know reduce
returns and grow your company or you have a nonprofit that you really want to have a
huge impact on the people that you have a very short amount of time to interact with,
it’s an extraordinary book one that goes — you can apply it to business, you can apply it
to your life. And, I advise you to apply it to your life
because what if you could just, yeah, you don’t get to see your girlfriend all the time,
you want to spend more time with her. What if you could create these extraordinary moments,
it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. They talk about how to do it in this book.
Next up, we’ve got the 50th law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. I love the stories. I love
everything that’s in this book. He’s got some other books, Robert Greene, The Laws of Human
Nature is really good. It’s going to be twice as long though, but he’s one of the few authors
that I have seen that actually have been able to talk about the power of force and we’re
talking physical force. [0:05:12]
And, this is something a lot of people ignore especially academics, I don’t have any experience
with this. But, I saw this in the Marine Corps that, yeah, you know we can talk and talk,
but when it comes down to it, armed tough men that go in and basically push things right,
they shouldn’t be ignored. When you look at what Putin is able to go
do in Ukraine or those that really aren’t afraid of what other people are going to say
or what they think or that they’re going to do some online petition. This is one of those
books that when you read it you’re like, wow. This is solid information. I highly recommend
it for any student of history, anyone that really wants to understand force and power
in the world. Next up, we’ve got Change Anything: The New
Science of Personal Success was actually written by a number of authors, but Patterson is the
lead author. What I love about this, it’s very much research-based and talks all about
how to get people to change and to go down. Now, there’s been a lot of other books such
as Habits. I’ve talked about Atomic Habits as well, but those are much more recent. This
one was written over a decade ago and I have to say it was the first one I read on the
subject and it had a profound impact on me. Because I never thought about how whenever
we’re trying to make things happen, how if we smooth out the path if we got — get rid
of all these distractions. If we actually create systems, so that we will actually do
the change, we’re more likely to do them. If you understand the powers in this book
right here, you’re going to be able to make change whether it’d be yourself, your life,
whether it be others. It’s amazing the power that’s in this book.
Next up, we’ve got Grit by Angela Duckworth. And I absolutely love this one because everyone,
a lot those people think, oh, you know someone’s good at this because they were born that way
or they have this natural talent. And, really, she dispels that myth and she gets into what
–what really separates those that achieve, those that able to succeed versus those that
fail. And it really comes down to a lot of times simply being able to put in the time
put in the reps and to be able to deal and overcome with failure.
I remember when I went through Marine Corps, you know, Officer Candidate School. It was
something that I the whole reason I went there was I wanted to challenge myself. And I knew
if I could get through this, that the rest of my life would be a breeze. Having gone
through that experience having gone through that hardship and realized that there’s a
lot of power when you do something like that, and that’s what they talk about in this book.
So, if you want your kids to succeed, you want your employees to succeed, you want to
succeed, you need to develop grit. And she talks about how to do that.
Next up, we’ve got The Road Less Stupid by Keith J Cunningham. I absolutely loved this
book. So, here’s a guy that has been very successful in life. And, he talks about, you
know, it’s not about always making the right decision. In fact, it’s rarely that. It’s
about not making the stupid decision. And, by simply taking the time to think and
he talks about thinking time he actually breaks out how to get into thinking time and to have
somebody that has had these — all this great success in life to actually break out how
to avoid these mistakes, how to not basically pay the stupid tax. An amazing book, I highly
recommend it. Now, what you’re not going to find on this
list is the Death of Socrates or Meditations. Great books, I’ve read them. I was a Philosophy
major. But, I find that they’re kind of hard to digest they’re not books I want to read
again and again. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday on the other
hand, I love reading it. Every few months, I’m going to read this book. Why? Because
he’s able to take, you know, he talks about Marcus Aurelius and he gets into these deep,
you know, the Stoics and these philosophers. He really just puts it together I think much
better than the vast majority of people out there.
And, it’s this information remembering the ancient wisdom that’s been passed on from
generation to generation and to be able to get through this, it’s amazing. Ego is the
Enemy is such a powerful read because he talks about how our biggest enemy in life is this
inflated ego that we all develop. I know I’ve developed it. I bet many of you guys have.
And it’s something that when you get through this book, it’s a constant reminder it’s something
that really forces you to reflect on, hey, am I you know believing am I — am I drinking
my own Kool-Aid? Am I not, you know, listening to the voices around me that are trying to
keep me from doing something stupid? Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
by Greg McKeown, one of my personal favorites. I listen to this probably every two months.
This is one of those refreshing books that just helps me get my life in order. All of
us are running into problems where you know we’ve got all these apps on our phone, we’ve
got these people grind — grabbing our attention. If you’re a family man or if you just got
a girlfriend, if you want, you know, have people that you stay in touch with good friends
from college. You know what it’s like, you just get way too busy with life, how do you
do it all? And, what Greg talks about in this book is that you don’t. You cut out the non-essential.
You have to go through and realize that the vast majority of things in your life, they
are noise, they are distractions. [0:10:01]
And this is something that you’ve got to do every couple months because, yes, even when
I get everything lined up within the period of a couple months I get a lot of distractions
that jump back into my life. And, it’s something that I need to take the step back and I need
to go through this and I need to cut off the non-essential. So, no matter where you’re
at in life, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, I highly recommend it.
So, let’s talk about money. The issue I think is that most of us have gotten bad advice
about money. So, there’s tons of books I could, some are going to be very high level. They
talk about the right mindset especially if you want to build long term wealth. Other
books out there they’re going to be ultra specific. They’re going to talk — you know
this one right here just got into the exacting details about how I should set up my finances
as an entrepreneur. I absolutely love this book.
But, the book I want to highly recommend that you start with is I Will Teach You To Be Rich
by Ramit Sethi. There are many other books out there like this. I really like his point
always about you know people say, “Oh, you should save money, don’t buy a latte. Never
buy anything at Starbucks.” He’s like, “You know what? If that makes you happy, do it.”
But, instead, go over and renegotiate on your home loan and save tens of thousands of dollars
right there by actually noticing that your credit score got better in the last five years
and that you should actually go and refinance the whole thing. These are the kind of things,
he talks about the big wins. And, I don’t see a lot of — I see everyone’s trying to
get you to do these things that you don’t want to do versus he’s like, nah, you know,
it’s okay right now, but focus in on the big wins and that’s what he zeroes in on.
One thing I stole from Ramit which I haven’t seen other people talk about is to have multiple
savings accounts. We’re not talking just two or three, we’re talking in my case 20 savings
accounts. And, all of a sudden, I realized that, hey, anything we want to save up money
for; vacations, for each of our kids. I mean I’ve got an account for my dog because we
take the dog to the vet, you know, for food and everything. We just simply put money away
every single month, so there’s just money always sitting there and it’s not something
that comes off of a credit card or goes, you know, even out of our checking account. It’s
just simply the dog has its own account. Yes, it does.
Next up, we’ve got the Formula: The Universal Laws of Success by Barabasi. What I love about
this guy is that he actually took — he’s a network scientist and he took all this information
to figure out what truly makes somebody successful. And, he didn’t shy away from the fact that
a lot of it is actually the intangibles. He did say, of course, that you’ve got to
have talent, you’ve got to be good at something. And he gives all these examples of people
who are great at something that nobody’s ever heard of that history has forgotten. Why?
Because they didn’t have these other parts of the formula. Which he talks about is being
able to engage with others, being able to build up a reputation to actually — it’s
really interesting. He talks about how do you value art, why is
some art worth a whole lot and other art is not worth as much. And what he came to find
out is it was the artists who not only had great talent, but they also got their art
to be shown in certain galleries by they had built up relationships. They were actually
in certain areas that they would actually get their art there. So, very interesting
if you’re someone that’s into art if you’re someone that’s trying to figure out how to
be the best in your field, you’ve got to read you’ve got to get through this book.
Now, I’m a huge fan of history, so I’m going to bring in a couple right here. I’ve got
the Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant and A Short History of Nearly Everything by
Bill Bryson. Now, if you’ve read either of these or familiar with these authors, you’ll
realize they’re very different. They couldn’t talk about history in different — in more
different ways, but both of them if you make it through this, you are going to all of a
sudden just have a better understanding of why we do what we do and a bigger scope of
just human nature. And, what’s cool and I love about history
is that when you understand it, you start to see what’s going on in the news today and
you realize that there is nothing new. That we’re simply about human nature and that we
will always do these things. You need to be careful of human beings because we have some
very bad tendencies especially when we get into groups. And this has been shown again
and again throughout history. So, to actually get through both of these, I highly recommend
it. Again, I’ll link the audio versions down in the description which I absolutely
love. So, what video to watch next? How about my
list of books for ambitious men? So, if you want to go out there and change the world,
you want to start a nonprofit that’s going to help people, you want to start a business
that’s going to make you a multimillionaire. Guys, you want to check out this list I’ve
got for you right here. [0:14:24] End of audio

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