33 thoughts on “10 Hours of Paint Drying”

  1. my favorite part is when i fell asleep then my mom came in and said what are u watching i said paint dry

  2. This should not be allowed for the average person's eye…only the ones that get asked "do you just sit at home and watch paint dry?" And dont understand sarcasm 😂😂😰

  3. For those of you who are going through the comments and reading them because you don’t actually want to watch the paint dry hi it’s me I’m gonna tell you my whole life story! This morning I woke up my alarm went off I got really grouchy because I was woken up by an electronic device anyways after I shut off my alarm or anyways snoozed it 1000 times I went downstairs I got some coffee and then I went back upstairs so that I can watch paint dry see I never intended to watch paint dry but it was on my recommended because you know I watch stupid stuff like that all the time anyways thanks for listening to my whole life story by the way I was born yesterday so yeah that’s that’s exactly my life story.

  4. What an unexpected cliff hanger! It's been emotional. I'm eagerly awaiting for the much anticipated equally action packed sequel.

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