10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids Cartoons

10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids’ Cartoons NUMBER 10: SPONGEBOB IS A RADIOACTIVE MUTANT Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, according to one conspiracy theory,
a group of radioactive mutants. This theory comes from the fact that Bikini
Bottom – where SpongeBob SquarePants is set – is named after the real-life coral reef
Bikini Atoll, as was confirmed by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob. Bikini Atoll was a popular site of nuclear
arms testing during the 1940s and 1950s, including the Bravo test in 1954, which was a thousand
times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The animated series could therefore be a commentary
on the dangers of nuclear testing, hence the strange collection of creatures at Bikini
Bottom. Furthermore, theorists have suggested that
Sandy’s space suit could actually be a protective hazmat suit, and also that Krusty Krab uses
radioactive materials to cook their burgers, which is why they can cook underwater. NUMBER 9: THE SMURFS ARE RACIST ANTI-SEMITES The Smurfs have been a popular presence on
our TV screens since 1981 and existed as a comic book series for more than 2 decades
before that. Many people have drawn a fairly obvious parallel
between the white pointed hats of the blue creatures and white supremacist group the
KKK, but there is a conspiracy theory that delves even deeper into the idea that The
Smurfs could be racist. The theory draws on the fact that the main
villain of the show – Gargamel – is a dark-haired, large-nosed, money-loving character, similar
to the derogatory stereotype of Jewish people. What’s more, Gargamel even has a cat called
Azrael, which, suspiciously, is the same name as the Jewish angel of death. And then there’s this ridiculous scene in
which the characters appear to give a Nazi salute. NUMBER 8: DISNEY IS PUSHING A SEXUAL AGENDA The Walt Disney Company has been producing
animated family favorites since it was founded in 1923. However, there’s a theory that Walt Disney
had disturbing intentions behind his film-making, which have permeated the company’s movies
ever since. The theory is that subliminal sexual references
have been inserted into Disney movies to corrupt children and encourage promiscuous behavior. This may sound absolutely crazy, but the theory
is drawn from quite a large number of examples, such as the word ‘sex’ apparently being
shown in The Lion King, or a character with what may be an erection appearing in The Little
Mermaid. You can even hear a creepy sexual message
in Aladdin… [play Aladdin clip of ‘good teenagers, take off your clothes’ a couple
of times]. So could Disney really have been pushing a
DISTURBED We all know that Eeyore, the gloomy gray donkey
from Winnie the Pooh, was clinically depressed… but what about the other residents of the
Hundred Acre Wood? An article by the Canadian Medical Association
argued that each of the characters from the beloved children’s stories have a diagnosable
mental condition. Piglet, for example, has Generalized Anxiety
Disorder and a stammer, Tigger has ADHD, and Rabbit has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Owl has dyslexia, hence why he often swaps
or misses letters when he writes, and Pooh has obsessive fixations, most notably on honey. There’s also the theory that Christopher
Robin, the only human character in Winnie the Pooh, is schizophrenic, seeing as the
characters are all imaginary creations based on his childhood toys. NUMBER 6: THE CARE BEARS ARE VOODOO GODS The Care Bears is a show about adorable teddy
bears who live in a magical cloud city in the sky. Sounds sickeningly sweet… but could there
be darker forces at play? Conspiracy theorists have picked up on the
similarities between the name ‘Care Bears’ and ‘Carrefour’, an ancient Lwa Voodoo
spirit. But it goes deeper than that. If you look into the kind of terminology that
the Care Bears use, there are even more frightening similarities between them and Voodoo gods. The characters often refer to each other and
the children watching as ‘friends’, similar to how the Voodoo Lwa are often called ‘friendly
spirits’ or ‘friends’ by their followers. Furthermore, the Bears’ ‘tummy symbols’
that represent their personalities – such as a crescent moon for ‘Bedtime Bear’
and a rainbow for ‘Cheer Bear’ – share a worrying resemblance with symbols that represent
the various Voodoo gods. NUMBER 5: TOM & JERRY IS NAZI PROPAGANDA A worrying conspiracy about one of the world’s
longest-running cartoons suggests that Tom & Jerry could actually have been a tool of
pro-Nazi propaganda. The show began in 1940,and became popular
during the height of the second world war. The choice of character names, therefore,
is somewhat suspicious, seeing as the ‘tommies’ are slang for British soldiers and ‘Jerries’
are slang for German soldiers. What’s most disturbing about this is that
Jerry is the good guy, who uses his superior intelligence to defeat Tom’s evil schemes. All other cartoons at the time would name
their animal characters things like ‘Sniffles’ and ‘Droopy’. Even more curious is that Tom was originally
called ‘Jaspar’, so some theorists have questioned why it needed to be changed. Also, it is worth noting that most British
and American shows during this era did overtly include anti-Nazi propaganda. So it’s rather weird that Tom & Jerry didn’t
join in with this campaign. Could they perhaps have been campaigning for
the other side? NUMBER 4: THE FLINTSTONES ARE FROM THE FUTURE Although you would have good reason to assume
that long-running cartoon The Flintstones is set during the Stone Age, there is an intriguing
alternate interpretation: the Flintstone family are living in a post-apocalyptic future. The idea is that Fred Flintstone is in actual
fact a super-evolved human, possessing super-human strength and speed. He also only has four fingers, which ties
in with the evolutionary theory that humans will eventually de-evolve their little finger,
as it doesn’t serve as great a function as the other fingers. And then there’s the line in the opening
credits, describing the Flintstones as ’the modern stone age family’. Bedrock society certainly does look to have
modern influences, with the characters driving cars and watching TV, so maybe this isn’t
that ludicrous after all. NUMBER 3: TIMMY’S ON ANTI-DEPRESSANTS The Fairly OddParents is a highly successful
animated series about the life of ‘average kid’ Timmy Turner and his magic little fish
which grants his every wish. But could his fish-slash-fairy-slash-pencil
godparents be a metaphor for something more sinister? Let’s look at Timmy’s life for a second. The 10-year-old is pretty much neglected by
his parents, tortured by his babysitter, and bullied at school by both his classmates and
teacher. His life is, in a word, miserable. Therefore, perhaps it’s not all that implausible
to believe that Timmy could be depressed. One theory is that Cosmo and Wanda are not
magical fairies at all, but antidepressants prescribed to help Timmy deal with his dismal
life. When Timmy abuses his godparents’ power,
he always suffers the repercussions, much like those misusing narcotics would do. NUMBER 2: DEAD, EDD N EDDY Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n Eddy, which
ran from 1999 to 2009, appears at first to be a harmless series about a group of preteen
boys living on a cul-de-sac in the fictional town of Peach Creek. But when you think about it, there’s something
slightly ‘off’ about it. Most notably, there’s the fact that the
characters’ world consists entirely of that cul-de-sac, which – bizarrely – doesn’t
seem to include any adults. A popular theory about the series is that
the cul-de-sac is actually purgatory and the children all died in different eras. The theory even comes complete with suggestions
for how each of them could have died… Eddy, for example, drowned in a river in 1939,
and character Nazz was murdered in 1979. This theory is based on the idea that the
characters all dress as if from different time periods, and also references their corpse-like
blue/green tongues. NUMBER 1: THE RUGRATS ARE DEAD Popular Nickelodeon cartoon ‘Rugrats’
centers around a group of toddlers and their mischievous antics. But maybe this iconic 90s series isn’t quite
what it seems… A popular conspiracy theory has arisen from
the depths of the internet, suggesting that the toddlers are all figments of Angelica
Pickles’ demented delusions. This childhood-ruining theory explains that
all of the Rugrats – except Angelica – actually died long before the story began. Tommy, for example, was stillborn. This explains why his dad, Stu, spends all
his time tragically making toys for the son that never lived. The DeVilles ended up having an abortion and
– as Angelica never found out whether it would have been a boy or a girl – she conjured up
the idea of the twins, Phil and Lil, to help her cope. And everyone’s favorite goofball, Chuckie,
died along with his mother, who succumbed to a terminal illness shortly after Chuckie
was born, making his dad into the nervous wreck we see on screen. As a coping mechanism for her grief, Angelica
has created the babies’ personalities so she can escape from the horrors of reality.

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  1. They have only four fingers, another fact about the whole they are from the future theory

    Oh wow! Now I know that most cartoons are actually from the future.

  2. Stop it. No. These are perfectly innocent shows. Most of these are likely coincidences. Stop spreading lies.

  3. Or maybe these cartoons weren’t wrong and evil they might be just regular cartoons ever though of that

  4. Omg guy just stop cartoons or just something that kids can watch and have fun with that making it so evil and dark

  5. uhhh lets see the the kid is named chucky has red hair and is a baby and the horror film chucky or childs play has a read haired baby doll named chucky and has the mind of a murder

  6. Tom and Jerry could have been very, very difficultly a Nacional-socialist propaganda, due to the fact that the Warner Brothers had made pretty much anti-nazi, fascism and anti-japanese propaganda. Same with Disney.

  7. 5:29 for the flintstones the reason why he has 4 fingers because it is very difficult to draw a hand with 5 fingers

  8. Krabby Patties are made out of crabs
    I mean,Mr krabs and his mom is the only 2 crabs in bikini bottom

  9. There's a similar death theory about The Loud House where all of Lincoln's sisters are deceased and they each died in a different way, Lily (15months) had SIDS, Lisa died in an experiment gone wrong, Lola ran off to become a real princess, but nobody knows what really happened to her, Lana died from an infection from all the reptiles she was around, Lucy was possessed by a demon which killed her, Lynn Jr got a sports injury that ended her career and she was desperate and committed suicide, Luan took a joke too far, Luna died in a motor vehicle accident at night after a concert, Leni's death was caused by her stupidity, and Lori was killed in a motor vehicle accident. The theory also is that the sisters Lincoln sees are the ghosts of all of his deceased sisters.

  10. Okay. First of all, these are kids shows where logic isn't SUPPOSED to make sense. You're an adult, and you also seem perverted.

  11. Was all these reasons nessacery not all of them are not really a good reason like the flititons weren't from the future just because 4 fingers us just a style of drawing.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avgrRuS_qPo&t=83s Jerry draws a Hitler haircut and mustache on a picture of Tom and spits on it, great Nazi propaganda!

  13. Wait Timmy turners god parents are pink and green and there is a saying pink and green should never be seen hmmmmmm does this mean Timmy has anti depressets make him hallucinate

  14. No wonder tom and jerry is a world war meme. Their actually released in a world war year of german between russian

  15. Actually KKK in the Philippines is the Katipunan who Freed The Philippines from The Spanish.

    Their Army was made by Filipino Soliders who was not afraid of Death, their weapons were Revolvers, Dropped Muskets From Spanish, Bolo Swords(which are Curved Machetes), Spears, and Bows,

    Eventually This Orginization did not Rebel against the Japaneese Who They Feared To Kill them As they knew they had Oustanding Forces

    My 3rd Grade AP Teacher Taught us that

  16. All they did for the "sexual message" in Aladdin was make the audio different, I rewatched the cartoon and it didn't say anything bad.

  17. They ruined my childhood. Tom and Jerry is just a kid show. And the dog is named droopy because of the sides of his mouth.

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