10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Your Favorite Kids Cartoons!

Hey guys, Get ready for a very special today In Nerd History, Because this one, It’s-wha-it’s got the It’s got-I-I say the word dick a lot in it Recently I did a video about dirty jokes in Disney movies and -uh- I think I was a little unfair I’m sorry guys I mean after all, there’s so many dirty jokes In so many kids cartoons, why stop at just Disney!? Here are ten unexpected jokes in your favorite kids cartoons!! Number 10 Rugrats Rugrats is a show about babies But more often than not, it’s a show about the part of The male anatomy that makes babies And no, I’m not just talking this gross, viscous, white Squirt of milk at the beginning of the opening credits That eh always seemed kind of dirty, I’m talking about scenes like this that are definitely dirty That sign reads mohel in Hebrew which is a Rabbi who specializes in circumcisions it really puts the cut rate time into perspective the writers had to work in a few masturbation jokes as well of course which is why we have an episode where Chucky gets a toy named Mr.Boppo and we get lines like this “he’s been bopp’n it all afternoon, a kid his age should be playing with his friend not alone in his room bopp’n his boppo ” –And Phil is right, Chucky’s probably got a good twelve years er so before he has to start worrying about that Number Nine 2 Stupid Dogs Hey! Check out this dog’s dick *Quack* *sighs from classmates* oooh! Number eight, Powerpuff Girls and the falaces just keep coming! Like in this scene where a seductive woman helps to insert the mayor of townsville’s pencil into her sharpener and he like jizzes in his pants Whatever *unintelligible* he’s just a tiny little guy after all the fun is through. Or check out this scene where the rowdy rough boys where kisses on their cheeks make the boys grow larger the way the show these wobbly two stretching stretching and stiffening can’t be mistaken for anything besides Dicks As a matter of fact I’m not sure that I’m ever going to be able to see the powerpuff girls limbs as anything other than giant wanks ever again Sorry! Number Seven Agent Oso Before starting this video I’ll admit that I had no idea what agent oso is uh er was? is it still on the air? I don’t know all I know about is that it’s the rim job show! I better toss this salad fast! Oso! No! You can’t use your hands! Yes “tossing salad” has been slang for licking a butthole for a long time but that’s not what we’re talking about. This is where it actually gets screwy. Here, I see Mom do it! It’s like this. Hey! We’re tossing the salad! Implied anal lingus that one character learned from watching their mother. Maybe it’s best that I don’t know what Agent Oso is. Heh. Number 6: Swat Kats I always liked the Swat Kats, they were upfront about being radical. It says right in the title card! And nothing’s more radical than patting your dick. No doubt about it Razor, you are one macho cat! Aint it the truth! Hm hm hm! Number 5: Harley Quinn I don’t I think need to explain any of these. I’m Harleen Quinzel, legal counsel to Mr. Debris. Don’t I know you from someplace? I think I served you a subpoena once. It was a small subpoena. Want to try some of my pie? Honey. I’m sure you’ll want seconds! Don’t you want to rev up your Harley? Vroom! Vroom! And yet folks wonder why there are people with a longstanding sexual fascination with a cartoon clown woman. Ha! Number 4: Pee Wee’s perv house, er ah Playhouse Paul Ruben’s Pee Wee Hermin character started as a part of an adult oriented stage show So it shouldn’t really be surprising that a few risqué jokes made it into Pee Wee’s Playhouse. A lot of them seem to have to do with Pee Wee’s neighbor Miss Yvonne, and her thing for men in uniform, Is that a wrench in your pocket? Oh! It’s a wrench! I have a smoke detector. In my bedroom. Over my bed. *Wink noise* Pee Wee himself might have even looked up a skirt or two in his days in the playhouse. Which we could have just taken in uncomfortable stride if he was arrested a few years later for jerking his chain in an adult movie theatre. Number 3: Scooby Doo Fred and Daphne were not officially going out in Scooby Doo, But in one episode, Velma’s foxy cousin Marcy shows up to hit on Fred with some not so subtle innuendo. Marcy! I didn’t know today was your birthday! Yep! I’m eighteen. Able to legally … vote. And Daphne is pissed of course. If anyone’s gonna make fred say “Jinkies!” It’s gonna be her … even though Velma’s catchphrase is “Jinkies!” Uhhh I didn’t think this one through. Number 2: Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! is mostly a show about masturbating, which is fine! Because if you had a head that was shaped like a football, you’d probably want to accept that you’re going to spend a lot of time alone. Here we have Ernie teaching Arnold an, um, exercise? And just when you convince yourself that it’s not a masturbation technique, Ernie really hits it home. Do that every day, and when the big moment comes you’ll be ready. And Arnold’s not alone in his quest for self abuse though, as evidenced by this episode where Arnold finds his apartment’s secret bathroom. You think I want everyone finding out about my extra bathroom? I’d never get my readin’ done! *Wink* It’s the wink that really puts overboard into dirtier territory. But I guess that’s what you get when you talk to a man who literally has balls for a chin. And Number 1: Batman the Brave and the Bold Do you ever wonder what having sex with the members of the Justice League would be like? Well of course you do! And don’t worry because the birds of prey, they’ve gotcha covered. Flashes foes they finish last. Too bad sometimes he’s just too fast! The Flash is, you’ve guessed it, a premature ejaculator. Aquaman’s always courageous! His little fish, less outrageous. Aquaman’s just got a tiny dick. Which is a curse on top of already having the worst superpower. Batman throws his battering. What a weapon! What a bane. Batman likes to use toys in sex. Which is made even weirder by this. He’s always right there for the save, I’d like to see his secret cave! Yes, she wants to scope the depths of Batman’s butthole. And while that might be excusable on a level of sheer curiosity, because who hasn’t wondered what it looks like? In most continuities, Huntress is Batman’s daughter! I mean … There’s a limit of how comfortable a family should feel with each other. And this is probably getting close to pushing it. Right up to the rim.

100 thoughts on “10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Your Favorite Kids Cartoons!”

  1. This just ruined my childhood when I watched Agent Oso every Satutday morning.. ;-; I subbed thou because Im 16 now, and Im not into kids shows.. and stuff..

  2. Messed up part is Special Agent Oso isn't just a kids cartoon but it's also supposed to be EDUCATIONAL

  3. "Right up to the rim."
    🤣I'm dying! And the look he makes is the icing on the cake. Also when I saw the Birds of Prey bit I was ten and I got the joke immediately and I had to laugh.

  4. dirty minded freaks

    dont tell me im dirty minded doesnt mean i have a little dirt on my shoulder doesnt mean im dirty

  5. wow makes you wonder why Grant Gustin took the roll of flash in the Netflix series The Flash. Does he even how many jokes are made about how fast the flash cums?


  7. A weird thing about swat cats is that the men look like cats but the women look like people with cat faces and tails

  8. some of these are kind of debatable, but I'll accept them. The Powerpuff girl one where the boys grow is just outright stupid though. Even IF the theme was supposed to be "they 'grow' from being kissed", comparing random oval shapes to dicks is teen-level humor. Reminds me of the video where every tower in a Disney film was CLEARLY supposed to be references to cocks. There's like six basic shapes in nature. Some things are just going to look similar to other things…

  9. 1. Wait, you're telling me you don't know what secret agent Oso was?
    2. It's a show that teaches kids how to do stuff.
    3. They are literally tossing a salad. Anyone who thinks it's an enuendo has a dirty mind.

  10. Part of DC is the loaded innuendos, most DC heroines and villains are very sexually active and they tend to not hide it.

  11. I think you are stretching a bit on the tossing the salad one. Since tossing a salad is a normal act as well as innuendo, and the character was just tossing a salad in a normal fashion in a kids show I don't think it's that strange to say she saw her mom do it.

  12. How is the Agent Oso one an innuendo? They're actually tossing an ACTUAL SALAD

    Why is everything an innuendo nowadays?
    You people are just too nitpicky

  13. In the first season of "Hey Arnold " during the cheese festival episode,, there's a scene where helga sees Ruth mcdougal and says "what does she have that I don't " and it instant cuts to Ruth's preteen breast

  14. Why was one of those kids amazed at a dog's scrotum? T H A T W H A T S H E I S I N T E R E S T E D I N H U H ?

  15. Sorry I don’t believe, not even one of these supposedly sexual comments (not even Harley’s one)

  16. Sorry I don’t believe, not even one of these supposedly sexual comments (not even Harley’s one)

  17. In SWAT Cats, what’s in his pocket? I know it’s a joke that “it’s his dick” but what is it really. I didn’t watch too much of that show.

  18. That agent oso is not dirty the girl had salad many times and saw her mom toss the salad you dirty minded pervert

  19. Actually most continuities huntress ISN'T his daughter. She was his daughter in her first appearance in the silverage. But since then has not been.

  20. In case you wonder how kinda dumb Harley even became a therapist, it was (?) canon that she slept with the teachers. Btw why do adult theatres exist if you can't fap!?

  21. Not sure about the Swat Kats one, Jake (Razor) and Chance (T-Bone) were eating chili peppers earlier and had to stop to respond to some emergency. Anyway, while Chance was distracted Jake stuck the pepper in this pocket and just pretended to eat it so he could out do Chance in their pepper eating contest.

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