34 thoughts on “😮 Is it easy to do it.?👌wonderfull Drywall art sculpture technique with joint compound 2019 🧜‍♂️”

  1. NOWHERES near enough instructional. I am not yn any way in awe of someone who can speed up a video with schlocky music than I am of of someone who can walk me through their process. Fail

  2. ok ,ok ,it,s not hard at all…draw the subject you like….fill the areas with joint compound ,let it dry fully ,then start shaving and carving ,then sand with sandpaper ,put more mud where it,s needed ,,let it dry….shave ..carve…it,s not a 2 minutes thing guys,it takes days and days.drawing and carving skills are necessary…very forgiving hobby,not like wood or marble.i thing that was simple enough …do some flowers for the lady behind the head board she will love it..have fun boys.

  3. Is there a certain brand of compound? Plaster of Paris? Please help lol. I’m having trouble finding one that goes on a bit creamy and gives me enough drying time

  4. 👌 hi everyone. If you want to learn for FREE about this technique. Go to my channel 🤩 >>>> https://bit.ly/2SsMzrN <<<< enjoy

  5. I love your art you have so much talent you're true artist will you please make a video of the joint compound you use and how you mix it

  6. Pretty awesome, I've been finishing drywall for 30 years, use to be very artistic, maybe I should step my game up!

  7. Love your art. <3 What stuffs are you using dear? White cement or plaster of paris or something else? Is that crackable or not?

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