🎨How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Art School// Lilith’s advice + experience

🎨How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Art School// Lilith’s advice + experience

hello my name is Lilith and welcome back
to our Channel today we’re going to talk about some
general arts school advice and things I wish I knew when I was a freshman at art
school I wrote down on all the things I want to go over as you can see it’s very
chaotic so I’m not sure if I will be able to cover everything there is a very
thin line dividing the personal from the professional when it comes to visual art
this is more of advice to my younger self if you will I think the most
obvious point to start with would be the art part of art school I feel sort of
nostalgic thinking back to when I first started school as a freshman I was
overconfident I wanted to exceed the expectations of
all of my professors so I think I really met a lot of my insecurities with my
overconfidence because I was considered to be very good at art back in my small
town high school I went into this thinking that you know I’m gonna be top
of the class I was definitely much more competitive
well the first thing that comes with art and style I suppose is all techniques
come with practice I really think I was so impatient with myself especially the
long studio hours I did not anticipate just how exhausted my body would be
sitting in a metal stool with no back hunching over a giant drawing board with
my 18 by 24 charcoals this and that there were so many times I almost fell
off my chair because I just could not stand wait another frustration I had in
my first and second year I didn’t really understand the purpose of my assignments
you know when I graduate art school I’m not going to be painting little squares
or I’m not going to be drawing skeletons I really felt like it was such a waste
of time and money my attitude was very immature and ungrateful it didn’t know
what my purpose was anymore I was so lost in the overwhelming workload that I
forgot what it was I wanted to do once I got into the school so much of learning
happens outside of the studio so much of learning happens outside of the
classroom and I didn’t really think of it that way especially the first half of
my academic career the word inspiration and style are two of my least favorite
word because they sort of give this misconception of how process should be
like I feel like the word inspiration Lord of alludes to this instantaneous
arrival of a new idea where I think a lot of times ideas are very fracturing
and it takes a lot of small decision to take up a specific pathway because it’s
sort of like a web right the visual part of the work or what you output as a
painting or drawing or sculpture is only the tip again so much of your process is
submerged and invisible to the viewer at first glance only those that have
been with you in studio such as your faculty and your fellow students can see
just how much time and energy you put into cultivating this idea so the word
inspiration makes it sound light it just sort of knocked on your front door and
here it is all complete and perfect and that’s definitely not the case slowing
down and making note of how this idea has been interpreted before and today’s
day and age with Internet nearly endless way of archiving work it’s almost
impossible to come up with something completely original when you’re
finishing this drawing you are making so many different references to potentially
other writers philosophers thinkers artists and then improving upon that or
rejecting that or arguing against it is not necessarily making something pretty
because that sort of pretty is very ephemeral I am very process driven and I
think this came to me because of the time I spent working at the library
which leads to my next point if I could go back and give myself some advice I
would say take advantage of the library instead of just a fall teen – Instagram
Tumblr Google Images for my friends I think the library offers so many
catalogs and books that are just really hard to find nowadays especially you
know given financial restraints or time or strings it’s just like right there
you know just go and it’s already in front of you if possible
finding work-study or a part-time job in school is also very helpful because it
forces you to be productive or it forces you to have a schedule and it’s very rewarding because you get paid you know
you have a little allowance to buy good food or things that you like for the
month it definitely forces you to be more
constrained schedule wise so like you can’t blow around and do things the last
minute as far as working in studio bris is at home I know a lot of students
prefer working at home because it’s more comfortable I find out more distracting
and I think I was more productive when I worked in studio learning how long it
takes you set up and clean up is also a part of the process I tried to separate
my leisure time from my work time which means that I don’t watch Netflix or
YouTube when I work I actually don’t even really listen to music when I work
my ideal way of working is when I cannot sense how time is passing learning to
respect the deadlines but understanding the purpose of the assignment back then
I would often miss the point I was sort of put in too much time and when it
comes to then my management I think something that really helps is having a
plan in putting down the deadline a day before it’s due sort of like trick my
brain into thinking that everything is due a day prior because that gives me a
little bit of cushion in case something goes wrong then I have a little bit of
wiggle room and I don’t necessarily need to stay up all night
as you progress in this semester in which most semesters are crescendo
professors tend to give more rudimentary assignments the first half and then the
last quarter is when their expectations goes up by like two octaves because
they’re like okay like you figured out how to do this so now you have to
impress me right when you feel like oh I’m kind of getting the hang of it
that’s when they should start doing more things at you until you feel overwhelmed
again you’re like I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know if I can finish this
how am I gonna finish this my finals and then you get to finals and then you
finished it and you’re like I have no idea how I did that if you are already
pulling all-nighters the first half of the semester it’s gonna be really hard
the second half especially the last quarter understanding the instructors
pacing abiding by that rhythm you really don’t have any excuses like if you
didn’t finish something that you didn’t finish it and
it’s a hundred percent your responsibility I wrote here you don’t
know anything yet okay so because I was so over confident going into University
I would always feel embarrassed whenever I didn’t know the name of an artist or a
director 80% of the class knew who that person was and I did it and then now I
have to like pretend like yes but like there’s nothing wrong with not knowing
that’s the whole point of being in school you don’t know anything and then
even after school you still don’t know anything and then while you’re figuring
things out like that’s that’s sort of your body of work and I think that sort
of arrives to a point of what now one of my favorite resources to use is JSTOR
org I’m not sure how many schools offer that I have access through my RISD
library card whenever I come across a name that I don’t know I would
immediately look them up and I would see what others have written about this
person just so that I have a little more context in terms of maybe time period or
one of the isms like modernism, neo- concretetism – a little more context as to
why did this movement happen what was important for these people at the time
what were they speaking out against another thing I wanted to go over is
love and relationship in art school – the thing is if you’re dating somebody who
is not in art school that person does not understand how much work you have
because your personal life and your work life is very much one big blob at the
moment I would assume, your relationship will inevitably bleed into your work, whether
or not that’s a good thing is up to you it could affect the logistics for
example it could affect how much time you spend on your pieces or it could
affect the subject matter encourage or discourage you from pursuing new ideas
depending on your partner I don’t know what the solution is I don’t know what
the secret is to balancing between art and relationships but if I had a do-over
I definitely would prioritize myself more maybe somebody who was also an art
school meant that I ended up with no time for myself whenever I wasn’t in
class I would just be with that person and I was very happy at the time I felt
very fulfilled I felt very comforted and safe but I
think energy wise I plateaued because I got too comfortable my thoughts and my
interests pretty much stayed the same for a long time
balancing relationship with school is hard and usually something’s gotta give, when I was at RISD, I was in a long-distance relationship and I think that
relationship really suffered because I was just dedicated all my time to senior
year to my show to my studio my portfolio my resume I had so much on my
mind my partner at the time felt like I didn’t care about him which i think is
very hurtful for both parties I think that just sort of meant I wasn’t ready
for a relationship because at this point in my life I really should be focusing
on myself and figuring out what it is I want I think timing is very important
and I guess personally I feel like I would rather wait until I meet the right
person versus going into a relationship to see if it will work out I’ve tried a
lot in the past I feel like I had a very cursed love life and I think I mentioned
this as a sister tag I definitely am a hopeless romantic and back then whenever
I met somebody he made me feel a little different I would just jump into it
wholeheartedly and lose myself in that relationship what I didn’t realize was
manifesting a body of work takes complete presence so do you see how
these two would conflict each other yes I guess for this time in my life right
now my devotion towards my work towards are
it’s more satisfying than my devotion towards a person I’m sure that they will
come when I meet somebody who is right for me but at the moment I finally
learned after five years not to choose my romantic relationship over my work
because my work is myself – another thing I think is important is learning to
share your work you will never feel ready for that that initial first time
push you know whether it be making a new website making a new art account on
Instagram I remember thinking that I just wasn’t very happy with my work so
I’m going to wait until I am satisfied with what I’m making
which sounds perfectly logical and acceptable I did not make a website
until my senior year I’m rusty because I was fourth – it was one of the
graduation requirements you have to have a website or else you won’t get your
diploma so that’s how I made my website and I remember feeling super- like I
was so petrified because we had to project it in the classroom big
projection of your website and then all these other people are going to
scrutinize over every little detail like the typeface
how big the type is if you have a grid if you have endless scroll I just like- I
didn’t know what I was doing, they were just so supportive and all other
critiques were so necessary because as an artist you have so many blind spots
you know, you’re only human so it’s natural but having someone else
point out your blind spots your tendencies ‘why did you always do things
this way’ ‘have you considered approaching it like
this’ there are definitely so many eye- opening moments that comes with
sharing your work and it’s okay if it’s always a work in progress especially
like your first year, come on- first year if i was looking at my peers works a lot
of them already had art accounts and websites
I remember feeling incredibly intimidated and discouraged from making
my own work once I saw what they were doing it’s like ‘oh man why didn’t I come
up with that idea first,’ but I realized one day ‘what if I tried that?’ you know? ‘what if
I try this person’s technique’ ‘what if I trying this person’s sense of color’ like
once it’s processed through my hand and my pattern of thinking it will
inevitably change it’s not going to be a carbon copy it’s so limiting if you’re
just trying to come up with originals all the time first of all it’s a
misconception it’s not possible to come up with something original everything
you make is sourced and based and put into context in relationship or
something else that already exists, if I could go back in time I would also tell
myself not to worry too much about friend groups or cliques, my first year
was especially challenging because we did not have dorms we did not have a
common area where we could gather and socialize it was just the campus and
then the parking lot you know like everybody had to drive cars you couldn’t
go to Art Center if you can’t drive that’s one of the crappy parts about the
school I think – back then I used to be so high-energy I think I really pushed myself
to be very extroverted to be very sociable to be very laid-back and just
down for anything but I would say my friendships now are very much 1-on-1, my
friends don’t necessarily know each other I just found that this is more
comfortable for me – leaving home for the first time I think we all felt very
lonely but we didn’t want to admit to it.. yeah I
think there was so much peer pressure there were a lot of things that I wasn’t
exposed to in my small suburban town with my conservative Christian parents,
FOMO, fear of missing out, is real and it’s inevitable because you cannot be in
two places at once and our school is a place where things are just really
fast-paced there’s a lot happening there’s a lot that you find out through
word-of-mouth and I think recognizing that you are the average of your friends –
who you should keep in your life and who you should met in my life especially a
lot of people come in and out very quickly I tend to be the kind of person
that burns the whole mountain not just a bridge I think learning where your
boundaries are is such it’s just like a big umbrella arc that covers the entire
college experience I feel like I’ve kind of covered everything …oh okay –
there was this competitiveness like, who slept the least this week? you know like
maybe somebody in class is like ‘I only slept two hours for the past three
days’ and everyone’s like ‘wow you’re so good!!’ like what is that supposed to mean?
I’m not really sure but I was so trapped in that mindset
I would like force myself to stay up and work with all these people who are also
pulling all-nighters but then as a group we weren’t very
efficient we weren’t getting much time you know like we will go out and get
dinner and then by the time we start working it’s already 11 p.m. yeah I
think I definitely fell into that all-nighter culture like ‘this is what it
means to be in art school is to be dead all the time’ I’m not sure how other
schools are like but my first year I had one day off so I had four days of
classes and then one day off plus the weekend looking back now I definitely
would have designated one full day to myself to do something that is not work
because if you don’t give yourself enough time off it’s going to bleed into
your work time and that’s exactly what happened to me instead of giving myself
the time off to relax and sort of recuperate because I deserved that time
I sort of saw it as I have three whole days to do all this work which led to a
lot of half working and half not working a lot of distractions where I would have
the assignment in front of me but I’ll be on my phone
or I’ll be on my DS, I played a lot of animal crossing at the time, just anything that
I could do to take my mind off the stress that was in right in front of me, the
unfinished work, if I had a do-over I definitely would have pushed myself
through two full days of work and then taking that third day completely off
because I really need that time to stay sane, I wanted to go over mental health a
little bit that was sort of a big factor of my art-school life I was under the
impression that my work was a direct reflection of my self-worth I just
always felt like no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t good enough
I wasn’t enough period – instead of pushing myself to be perfect, pushing
myself to not make mistakes now I push myself to not give up on something and
to try something new that makes me uncomfortable, fear of failure is a
redundant cycle in which growth is not produced, because the fear of failure
sets of all these restrictions in which you’re not learning when to take that leap
of faith in yourself, your abilities, back then no matter how many times I tried to
tell myself in my head I just really didn’t believe it, I was always either
living in the past or living in the future through anxieties and worries
trying to predict the worst possible outcome and how to avoid that, I really
wasn’t fully satisfied with anything I produced it was all very hectic and
chaotic and wonderful in that way – when you’re working on an assignment you’re
doing it for yourself, you really are, my dedication and my devotion to my work is
prioritizing myself, because no matter what I go through no matter what
challenges I may face in the future, my work is always going to be there for me,
and it feels really good to see this part of myself that sort of only exists
in the form of shapes and colors and textures – I’m just very happy I think oh
yeah I know I have talked for way too long my voice kind of hurts because I am
constantly projecting I want to know what sort of thoughts you’re having
right now in your life like what chapter are you going through currently what are
you contemplating on in terms of your concept for art maybe perhaps it’s
more personal things in your life that is interrupting your work if you feel
comfortable sharing with me I would love to read them in the comments below
whether you are an art student or not I hope I can be here to support you and
give you just that little extra bit of motivation so in the meantime I hope you
have a wonderful day or night bye bye should I do another dance you guys like
my dances oh I have so much to do I just have to go do it right now right after
this I gotta go work always work always working there’s so much to do all the
time uh stop procrastinating go do your thing go!!

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    if you have an opportunity to connect with students from other schools, local or abroad, take it. it can be really eye-opening to see how things are done elsewhere.

  36. I'm in my second year of art school and it was encouraging to hear your perspective even though I'm already well into my course! I sometimes struggle with staying productive but I'm trying my best at the moment!

  37. Im currently working in graphic design, but never went to art school. I feel like I wanna do it for my own personal growth though, I'm 22, so not all is lost, haha. I'm thinking of applying next year. but right now I'm really struggling with reconnecting to my art. I used to love doing it so much, but due to my field of work my instinctive approach to it has changed. it's incredibly result-driven, and I get super impatient if I don't see something "usable" fast enough. And since I do work a 9-5, my energy will often be spent when I get home. So it's a slow process, and the main thing I'm trying to do right now is approaching my own art without constantly having in mind if it's "good enough" to get a spot in my portfolio for art school. it's taking a lot of time. but I think I'm on the right way. and your videos are actually really helping a lot! you keep talking about the process, and it's making me think of art in a different light again. big big love to you and your energy, your videos really are a source of light during my week(´・` )♡

  38. You look so down to earth and you have such a peaceful energy around you. To me, that's maturity and consequence of someone who took the time to analyze things and went through major transformations. Guess you're a butterfly already! 🐛🦋

  39. i'm watching this as i take a lunch break away from the big amount of assignements i need to finish for tomorrow lol thank you for the advices i'll definitely listen to them to try to avoid being so overwhelmed and on the verge of a mental breakdown for 3 days straight….
    Your videos are really relaxing to watch and this one in particular really made me calm and motivated for my art studies!!

  40. I am not an art student yet I am only a teen. I would be going to college in 4 years. I would love to attend ringling or calarts so on…but I live in Ireland 🇮🇪. I think it would be kinda scary to move to the USA…what do u think???

  41. I am having the same problem with my relationship. I am in a long distance relationship with my partner for over a year. He is in uni but I am not (I'm a homeschooling student). We used to do a lot in the early months of our relationship despite not being able to meet each other in real life (we have never got the chance to meet yet). However, as our relationship progress and as time goes by, it has become a same old routine and I'm not seeing anything new. He is busy in uni which I am clearly aware of but still at least on special days or so, I make the effort to write him heartfelt letters. I am also quite busy in my own life too. We had talked about it in the past that this relationship may not be for us but I was really stubborn and didn't want to end it just because I did not want to suffer a heartbreak. But now, I wish for a break. I feel like this relationship is not for me because mentally, I am exhausted. I didn't know what toxic relationship is like until I'm told that when a partner is sad more than they're happy in their relationship and it hit me right there. I am in fact more depressed than happy and I don't know why I neglected my own emotions. As we lead two different lives, I need to focus on myself. I want to prioritize myself more. I don't want to rely on people for happiness. Sorry for ranting, I just felt like I need to spill my thoughts here 😔 Lilith, you are well versed and this video is just beautiful ✨

  42. bruh the whole relationship part is soooo true, my ex got angry at me for not being able to see him even tho I told him I had a lot of homework and stuff to do (to which he replied with ''it's cool babe don't worry i get it'') + he had a lot of free time and didn't study anything. He would post stuff on social media like 'i know everyone has their things to do but you gotta take a break every once in a while'' it felt very guilt tripping tbh (btw i'm not saying every relationship is going to be like that, that's just my experience)

  43. i resonate with your words so much… when i started my first year i had too many expectations and eventually i got stuck when i started to realize that it really wasn't what i thought it was like. (also i fell behind on everything, got depression and failed a bunch of classes, which is why i'm graduating a whole6 months late) So yea i don't really know if this experience was useful for me but it definitely was a life lesson. It's difficult but i try to not be so hard on myself about the way things went.

  44. I'm currently in my first year of graphic design in art school and this video helped me so much!! thanks for the advice Lilith!! 💖💖💖

  45. This was really helpful I’m not in art school but I’m debating minoring in studio art. I was never an artist growing up so I have a lot more to learn than my peers but I really enjoy art.

  46. This video was so helpful to me! I just started my first year at an art school and I’m so overwhelmed. I see myself in your experiences and hearing you speak about it is so reassuring to me! lovely video as ever 🙂

  47. omg you're so cute lilith. and the way you explained this is so well, so accurate, and so true. glad im finished with college, but these advice still applicable to everyone. hahaha okay lilith i need to go, i need to stop procrastinating. thank you <3 btw thank you for resharing my drawing of you on your ig. bless you too <3

  48. Right now I'm at my second year of art students and I still feel lost XD, like I'm a little like you I brainwash myself telling me that I'm not good enough, I also came from a very small town and when I move to Uni and met so many talented people I got depressed knowing that I would never be good enough like them, I wasn't as creative as them, I wasn't as extrovert as them, also I wasn't the smartest of them, because I grew up in a very small and poor town I had limited information and went I went to the "big city", I just felt dumb, I still do sometimes, but im working on it, also just like you I'm also forcing myself to go out of my comfort zone and be more extroverted, I hope the future look better XD

  49. I graduated from my undergrad in east asian art history (avant-garde woodcuts and post-cultural rev. art) 2 years ago and currently working on graduate school apps for next fall after an unexpected gap year. I agree, taking care of the self, especially mentally health, is so crucial! After my dad passed a couple of months ago, I realized how grateful I was to be able to take the time to heal, rest, and focus on what I am actually interested vs trying to fulfill others' expectations of me i.e. go from undergrad straight into grad school. Much love to you Lilith and sending healing vibes✨

  50. you are so cute i live u💞 i really want to get accepted in art university like you, could not make it last year but… hope it will be better this time🐛

  51. Very nice video! I really appreciate your honesty! Even though I am much older that you (thus I really should know better) I have found that being over confident in my skill level and impatient with my progress is quite debilitating. I study the piano and I have practiced myself in all kinds of injuries which keep me from my main goal — playing piano. After three years, I now feel like I am back at square one — reviewing scales and playing very slowly. My ego has taken quite the beating (I have not been asked to play at the student recital this semester) and wonder if I made a mistake in my choice of study. But I heart says "play piano" so, I have re-framed my one main goal — I am focusing on proper piano technique for the next year. I know that the payoff of this goal will be huge in the long run! If I happen to play a beyond-beginner piece of music (like a Chopin Etude) with confidence and joy during this time, that would be icing on the cake!

  52. not an art student(kind of wish i was really) but some of this advice is really helpful. I am a first year doing computer science and i started just this september and its so overwhelming. But all this advice really came at a right time because i midterms are around the corner and this reminded me that im still at a starting stage. This also motivated me to try take up drawing and painting again, i hope i can. I miss it :((

  53. This is such amazing advice, as someone who will be going to art school next fall, this was super helpful for me!! Thank you so much for sharing :o)

  54. I actually really want to do art and study animation in university, but my parents dont think that it will be a successful career choice and would want me to study more in the science field, or do something like psychology and do art as a part time thing…I've tried talking to them, but they won't give me a chance, but I still have 2 more years left. Anyways thanks so much for always inspiring me and motivating me to do what I love

  55. lilith, do you have a dream code adress for your acnl town? ♡ would love to visit your town // sorry for the random question

  56. I went to art school a couple years ago, and I definitely agree with all your advice!

    In my case, I did not get to graduate because of financial + health reasons, and decided it was wiser to quit. I could not afford the school anymore and was really suffering from a bad burnout. Now, a whole year has passed, and I am ready to create again, and find joy in it again. I'm trying not to keep any regrets from my experience. I think it's important to recognize that art school will never be worth jeopardizing your well-being. If it means going into troublesome debt or risking your mental/physical health, it's important to know that you can take a break or quit school; your portfolio and your contacts are what matter the most, and technically you don't need art school to work on those, though it surely helps.

    Anyhow, I wish good luck to anyone still in art school, or who's in my situation and trying to figure out how to go pro without a degree, it's tough but never forget why you chose art in the first place! 🙂

  57. Right now I'm finishing up my bachelors degree in psychology and applying for a MA in Clinical Social Work. I have to get a position as a teaching assistant as well for any hope of actually being able to pay for graduate school, and I'm currently feeling like nothing I'm doing is good enough compared to everyone else even though I'm already spreading myself thin between 18 credit hours, 16+ hours of work/week, readings, being a research assistant, and volunteering. There's just an overarching, never-ending fear hanging over me right now but I'm trying everyday to remind myself that the application deadline is March 1st and after that the decisions are out of my hands and it'll all be okay regardless of what happens.

  58. I'm in my final year of highschool and am trying to create a portfolio, but I'm also struggling with whether I'm good enough at art to try and pursue a career in it. I loved the video- you're so well-spoken and calming to listen to 🤗

  59. You know so much about art!! I'd love if you could please talk about isms or artist or how to's. As someone who can't attend art school, I would really appreciate it, you are really good with words and super clever.

  60. I’m a second year in art school, as just really started in October. I decided to try inktober too for the first time! Although I feel like I’ve learnt a lot even if I missed a few days of inktober, it’s a bit stressful on top of a current project we have which has a small turn around. I’m very slowly getting to terms that I need to finish it and seeing other people’s finished pieces makes me feel a little behind. Although I like my work and what I create I feel a little drained from inktober and uni. I feel a little out of touch from my own work and what I love to draw versus what I want to draw just to show people.
    I’m trying to think of a piece I can do for my current project that will include the things I love about art, and be experimental, and not just to create a piece that will look nice for people at the end.
    I’ll work though the piece at university, even if it ends up not how I wanted it’s something that I’ll learn from.
    Thank you for your videos, I always find myself wanting to draw while listening to you, you just inspire me to draw whatever I like!

  61. currently grappling with the need to be an ARTIST and remove myself from all societal restrictions while going to art school and having ambitions of being rich and famous……….very…very weird feeling

  62. I'm sitting here working on my inktober drawings (i'm so many days behind!!!!). I feel as though I am rushing through my work nowadays, trying to get things done for the sake of them being done but not thinking too deeply about the process/concept. I'm doing a program in another city across the US so that's definitely taking a toll on/interrupting my work in some ways. Also, the university I attend isn't super focused on the arts, so in some ways I wish I had chosen a different path, but on the other hand I have two quarters left. I hope you and Annabelle are doing well otherwise, I've been watching her videos since I was a freshman in college and I can't wait to see more videos on this channel 🙂 thanks for reading <3

  63. I’m currently wondering a lot about wether or not I should stick with the very cheap university I am currently attending which has not so good art classes or perhaps try and get into a bonafide art university, which would cost quite a bit more.

  64. I'm a current Art History major prior to being a zoology major for a hot minute (so the whole STEM vs Liberal arts thing wheeeew). I definitely fell into the whole "not sleeping culture" because I am being "productive" to the point where I suffered insomnia for about a year in a half basically pointlessly staying up. I'm still not perfect at managing everything but I think as long as you make improvements to try to better your work ethic and self it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I do feel like my first two years were very pointless when taking my introductory courses I found no interest in the course work or did not understand the reason behind the assignments other than we have to do it to get the experience/grade. Which was true, but not necessarily encompassing the whole course. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming because I couldn't find another reason or didn't want to find a purpose in what I was doing. Now I am at a point where I am enjoying the studios I am finding purpose in our assignments in class as well as in hw.(As we speak I am currently studying for Native american art history class midterm ) I really appreciate your advice to incoming freshman and current students <3

  65. i wanted to ask what jobs you can do after you graduated from art school ! i really like doing art and would love to do something art related as work but i don't know what possibilities there are

  66. i know this is largely unrelated to art but i’d love to see a room tour from lilith ! i would love to see how you decorate your space :-))

  67. really enjoyed this video. i wish i was back in art school! was about to type that i'm 'in a bit of a transitionary period with my work' but when am i not??? would love to hear you talk more about what you're reading and learning about – i always get so curious when i see what art texts people are looking at! JOSTR is such a great resource.

  68. I’m a freshman at Kuwait University I study interior architecture, which is basically like studying art I have 2 different “studio classes “ and they obviously require a lot of artsy hand crafty kinda work and a lot of thinking and brain storming as well especially for my design studio, I really love my major thank god and every thing but I really relate about what you said in being the top student in art class at high school and then going to college and realizing that everyone is good and feeling that I’m not good enough so thank you for talking about that and I loved the video BTW you’re very well spoken ❤️

  69. Loved this video, you are very enlightened and intelligent. I am currently in the season of setting and keeping boundaries between work and personal life. I only just learned that they don’t always have to bleed into each other. Very difficult to deal with, sort of isolating but I am paying close attention to my inner body

  70. “That’s the point of school u don’t know anything, and even after school u still don’t know anything”

    Idk why i laughed at that

  71. Oh my goodness! I’ve been rewatching some older vlogs (on CatCreature) and the Back to Uni vlog had that same teddy bear🐻🥰💕I believe that’s when you first bought it! So cute!! 😍💕

  72. I'm going to art school too (art high school) and i find myself comparing myself to other people so much, even if they are different major but it's so hard. Sometimes i feel pretty stressed and insecure about my art. Also it is really time consuming like i've had to cut out all of my other hobbies and balancing it with social life… ugh. Love u and ur videos 🧡🧡

  73. As someone who goes to a public university with an arts program, and is also 29 I feel like my experience has been somewhat different. I think that there are different expectations at a public university not better or worse just different. My experience of needing to be at school all the time creating has only really been a thing this semester as I start my thesis work. It just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in a day. I think it is good to take time for yourself something for sure but that is something I’ve only learned in the last 2-3 years. I think it is hard to stay focused especially so close to the end but to all of you going through school there are many people who understand and can support you.

  74. I love so much your videos, I'm currently doing my portfolio to apply to art school and listening to this in background, trying to keep in mind the advice 🙂

  75. This week I get a chance to join Artschool. but it is hard for me to decide whether I choose Art school or my current job that am doing for a living…..but yur Advice makes me stronger. thank you

  76. If you don't mind me asking, what career are you going into with art? More and more often I've been thinking about a career in art but I keep telling myself I can't. I don't want to become the "broke, starving, struggling artist" and I'm also afraid that a career in art will ruin all the fun of it (commissions etc) and I can't seem to find a career that I'd want to go into. I want to go into psychology (which I'm very passionate about) but I'm worried that I'll regret not following my passion for art.

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