๐ŸŒŸ 2017 Artist of Life Workbook + Webinar + Mastermind Group ๐ŸŒŸ

๐ŸŒŸ 2017 Artist of Life Workbook + Webinar + Mastermind Group ๐ŸŒŸ

Hey guys! How are you doing? I’m super excited to share something new
with you today. I know that 2017 is right around the corner and it’s about that time where we’re all
starting to plan for our new year. With this channel, I always want to share
tips on how to become a better artist of life, tips on how to create your dream life because
I believe we all have the power to design our life exactly
the way we want it. This whole time I’ve known that there’s
only so much that I can help you with just by sharing tips from my life, because
essentially, creating your dream life is a very individualized
process because everyone’s dream life looks different. Your life is completely different from the
person next to you, and it’s so individual and unique and that’s
what so beautiful about it. But I’ve just been thinking of how I can
help guide each and every one of you in a way that’s more personalized. So I finally came up with the idea to create
this 2017 Artist of Life Workbook. Essentially, this Workbook is a tool you can
use to guide you to find clarity and direction in what you want, who you want to be, and
how to get there. I’m super excited to share this with you
because essentially, this is exactly what I wish I had when I was
just starting out, when I was super lost and unmotivated and
struggling at the end of college. So I’m not sure if you all know my story
but if you don’t and you’re interested then I’ll post the
video link in the description below. Essentially, I was at a point out of college
when I was really lost, unmotivated, pretty depressed, even. It really took five or so years to soul-search,
do a lot of self-discovery and exploration until, fast-forward now, I am loving my life
and I’m exactly who I want to be. I got here from reading a lot of books and
doing a bunch of exercises to figure out who I am, what I want, how to
get there. I’ve shared some of these exercises with
you guys, for example: the Current Me VS. Future Me
exercise that I created and have been doing every year since 2012. Something I didn’t show you was, in that
same notebook I did monthly reviews where I would review
each month, write down highlights and what I’ve learned. I also started doing yearly workbooks like
this one in 2014, the year I started Lavendaire. I got into these workbooks created by Leonie
Dawson who is this amazing, very creative blogger. Shoutout to Leonie for getting me into this
workbook thing because that helped my life so much. Since I started Lavendaire until now, it’s
been two and a half years and everything has changed. Basically everything
has changed in a positive way, and I feel like this year, for 2017 it’s
about time that I combine everything that has helped me to create a workbook of my own so that I could
share with you guys and you guys can have some sort of tool to
help you guide you through your life. Now I’m going to give you a sample of what
this workbook looks like and keep in mind: this is not the final draft
because I’m still getting feedback o n how I can improve it but basically, this
is the gist of it. So first I have a section on reflecting and
closing out 2016, kind of reviewing the lessons you’ve learned
from the year. Then I have a section on 2017 where you set
your intentions for the year, like creating your new year theme and all
of that fun stuff. Then I have a huge, very detailed section
on setting goals in every aspect of your life. I have a section on health goals, relationships
goals, career goals, personal growth goals, creative goals, spiritual goals, home goals,
money goals, adventure goals, and your ultimate life goals. So a lot of
goal-setting here. Then after that there’s a whole section
on self-love, and looking at yourself, looking inward. There’s a section on designing your habits,
creating your morning and evening routine. There’s a huge bucket list of 100 things
you want to do before 2018. A section on your ideal world and what that
looks like. And then at the end of the workbook, there’s
that monthly review section where there’s a page for each month for
you to kind of review each month, review the highlights, kind of track your
progress and see how you can improve from here. And last, but definitely not least, is the
goal book, and these are the pages where you will plan
and learn to execute your goals and I will go into this more in an upcoming
webinar. Yes, you heard right: I’m also doing a webinar
for 2017. I’m going to be hosting two sessions: one
at the end of December, one in the first week of January. I’ll work
it out where I’m doing them at different times so that people living in different time zones
can both catch that webinar. The webinar is called “How to Set Goals
You Can Achieve & Have Your Most Successful 2017”. Basically, I’m packaging this workbook along
with that webinar, so if you buy the workbook then you get to
catch those webinars as well; it’s a bundle. On top of the workbook and webinar, you’ll
also get an invitation into the 2017 Artist of Life Mastermind Facebook
group. This is something I’m very excited about
because it’s basically a private, exclusive Facebook group where
you guys who are using the workbook can encourage each other, support each other,
and also keep each other accountable. I plan to be super engaged in this Facebook
group so you can literally ask me questions anytime
and I’ll respond right away, and I’ll also do Facebook Live Q&As and
chats. For example, the first Facebook Live I want
to do: once we have this group is to go over everything
I wrote in my workbook, and then you can share what you wrote in your
workbook and it will be fun to keep each other accountable
throughout the year. And lastly, in this package, you’ll get
free access to all my 2017 webinars. So let’s review. In this package, there’s
four things. First you’ll get workbook, and it’s in
digital PDF form. I’ll have two versions of the workbook:
one that’s colorful and you can watch on your computer and tablet, and a black-and-white printer-friendly one so you don’t have to waste too much ink
if you want to print it out. After the workbook, you have the 2017 How
to Have Your Most Successful Year webinar on goal-setting and the success mindset. Then you have the Facebook Mastermind group. Then you’ll get free access to all 2017
webinars that I host. The price of this package is $25 and that
is the early bird price if you get it from now between Christmas. After Christmas, it’s going to go up to
$30 and then it will stay that price for the rest
of the year, so act fast. You can pre-order these workbooks on my website. The link is lavendaire.com/shop or you can
click the link on the description below. I’m so excited for you guys to use this
workbook and also to interact with you guys on a deeper level in that Facebook Mastermind
group because I’ve always wanted a supportive
community of like-minded people who help each other achieve our goals so hopefully
that’s what it’s going to be. Also, if enough people are interested then
I might be ordering actual printed versions of the workbook where it’s really nicely
printed and there’s extra pages for notes in the back. That’s something I really want to do. If
not this year, then next year. Basically, I’m super excited for you guys
to check it out. Please visit that page below just to see. I’ll have sample pages, sample screenshots
so you guys can take a closer look. Thank you guys so much. I love you all and I’m so excited to connect with you on
a deeper level in 2017. Alright, see you next time! Bye!

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    Just one question: Will this workbook and the webinars be available internationally? I'm not based in America and would really love to be a part of this โค๏ธ

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  42. ๐ŸŒŸ The 2019 Artist of Life Workbook is here! ๐ŸŒŸ

    You can check out the latest redesigned version of the Artist of Life Workbook in our new shop โ†’ shop.lavendaire.com

    It's been updated with a few extra exercises, new green cover, two ribbon bookmarks, and a beautiful Lavendaire box for safe delivery and a special delivery experience ๐Ÿ™‚

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