Hello. Today we will do a little
crafts, made of metal. I will use metal
sheet, 1 mm thick, and iron rods thick
6 mm and 12 mm. I draw the blank on the sheet. Then I grip the scissors.
on metal and on markup cut off the workpiece. On the second plate, note
size, a centimeter more, and cut off in the same way
scissors. Then use my spring
stamped, but who does not have it, can be replaced with a chisel. After that, I use
appliance, plumbing couplings, and a ball on a hammer,
to bend the metal. Can replace clutch normal
a pipe. On the workpiece
mark the place for the holes, and drill 3 mm drill bit. Now on the electrode, the diameter
3 mm, weld weld, on the end. I make two blanks,
I grind to give more accurate shape. Cut off by a centimeter. I put it in the holes, and
on the other hand welded. I weld two blanks
between themselves. I collect first on welding
pot holders, then weld. From the front, center punch
I expand a gap, between preparations. I grind welding seam. At the top, I put
texture, small drops. Then I use a brush, I clean
blanks, remove unnecessary drops and burrs. Cut off a bar of 6 mm, 8
blanks, about 10 cm Then sharpen the edge,
each piece. I make a markup, at all
blanks, and thick cutting around, grind. Now bar, a little
flatten out also doing on the twelfth
the bar. Flatten the tips. Then I give a rounded shape. Equal workpiece bar-typewriter. I mark the places on the twelfth
bar, and make thin, thick , cutting wheel. Then cut off the workpiece,
and put the texture, drops welding. Drops and put on 12, and 6 bars. Now weld the workpiece. Welded all blanks
, welding seams are trimmed. I will continue to give shape,
for legs, in thin places, heat your gas
torch and bend. The burner is propane powered,
and air from the compressor. Gave shape on the workpiece
arched the legs of a crab, and claws, and dripped on the teeth,
if he has them. In the next video, add
one more element to this crafts. Then painted and applied
patina. To whom the video was interesting,
subscribe to the channel put huskies. In the description of links to social
profiles Bye everyone


  1. Красиво получилось.Скоко времени ушло на изготовление?И во скоко бы оценили этого краба?

  2. Просто талантище!!! Молодец!!! Так просто и понятно!!! Лайк как всегда!!! Жду новых видео проектов!!! Удачи!!!

  3. Зверь – огонь! А где можно поподробней узнать о горелке пропан-воздух?

  4. Красивая работа,интересный и простой процесс.спасибо.

  5. Вот это вообщеееее круто дружище! Вот это мне вообще безумно понравилось!!!) Продолжай в том же духе, поддерживаю комментом и жирным лайкосом!!!

  6. Ни чё се простая идея! 🙂 Да краб как живой получился 🙂 Прекрасная ручная работа. Мастеру респект 🙂
    Держи краба! то бишь лайк 🙂

  7. Круто получилось. Жаль, что нету у меня полуавтомата. Спасибо.

  8. Юр, краб бомба, зачётная животинка получилась, как всегда 👍👍👍.

  9. У тебя наверное очень хорошее зрение , мелкие занозы вытаскивать. У меня зрение уже подсело. Поэтому в перчатках работаю.

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